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How to be lucky in love 

Why is it that some mediocre, next door, and down to earth Melanie gets to marry her high school sweetheart and you, the beautiful, educated, sweet and smart woman, have to go through kissing many frogs, multiple failed relationships and breakups, and still searching for your Mr. Right?? What is it about her and what is it that she is doing that you are not? Is it just pure luck... Read More

When he says he is not ready

What do you do when he says he is 'not ready' (for commitment)? Yes, that's right, ladies, you keep waiting... until he is ready. You keep waiting because his 'not ready' sounds almost like... Read More

The wedding that never happened

Have you ever had your man bail out on you right before your wedding? Weddings take a long time to plan and prepare, and so there is this large window of opportunity that remains open... Read More

Playing a player vs. getting a player

Are you a fed up woman looking for revenge – to beat him at his own game? Or maybe you’re nursing this secret hope of coming off as ‘different’, to make him fall in love and become... Read More

Relationships orchids border

You, him, and his money

Believe it or not, ladies, when it comes to Him, his Money, and Relationships, these 3 ingredients are intertwined in a subtle but quite powerful manner. Once you know what to look for, you will know his attitude towards relationships over all, and your relationship with him in particular. Besides, you may even know where you stand without bringing this up or even saying a single... Read More

Will he ever propose?

Wouldn't it be great if the man of your dreams surprised you with a gorgeous ring and the delicious words "will you marry me?"... like YESTERDAY??  You have been dating him for a while.... You have been patient... You have been giving him hints... You were threatening to leave. And now you think that his refusal to propose means he does not love you... Ladies, as long as you think... Read More

Passive men

Have you ever met a great guy who made you do all the work in a relationship? How did it make you feel? Are you currently involved with this kind of a guy? Are you, to put it mildly, FRUSTRATED?!? Passive man: will let you make all the decisions in your relationship; you will be the one working on your relationship; usually stays with the same employer for many years; has little... Read More

Feel better about your long distance relationship!

Let me say it as it is ladies – long distance relationships (LDR) are not for everyone. The main and obvious reason long distance relationships are so hard is because of a constant physical separation. Unlike traditional relationships where you enjoy them on physical AND mental / emotional levels, the long distance ones are about the mental / emotional part only. For many people... Read More

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