Nice guys do not finish last

There is one very good fundamental truth about nice guys – NICE GUYS MAKE GREAT BOYFRIENDS AND HUSBANDS.

If you are currently not into nice guys and think they are just boring, then you are either too young (let’s say under 25), have not had many relationships, or simply immature. You see, by the time a woman turns 30-35 years old, she has already had a handful of failed relationships under her belt.

Unsuccessful relationships are usually more about sadness than joy, rather about feeling unloved and neglected than loved and taken care of. Going through unsuccessful relationships and painful breakups matures our outlook on men and relationships in general.

By the time a woman turns 30-35 years old she has already had ENOUGH of being treated badly, feeling neglected, abused, cheated on, and hurt.

After a while, it starts getting old and the only dream she could think of at this point is to have a peaceful, fulfilling relationship with a nice, collected, reliable, mature and loyal gentleman who would treat her with dignity and respect. In other words, ladies, she is looking to share her life with a NICE GUY.

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If you are over 30 years old, you have probably come to this conclusion already, but if you are still very young and would like to have a good boyfriend, I suggest you to start looking among nice guys.

Here is what it is like being involved with a nice guy:

~ He will treat you and your relationship with respect (this is a huge one, ladies!)
~ He will keep his promises
~ He is reliable and loyal
~ He will not break your heart!
~ You can trust him
~ You like the thought of him being a dad for your children
~ You get a sense that he is good husband material (yes he is!)
~ He is an obedient man
~ You are his priority and you are always on his mind
~ He will treat you like a Princess on a Valentine’s Day and will never forget your birthday.

It really takes time and some life experience to stop perceiving these men as ‘boring’. I do get the exciting part of jerks, womanizers, narcissists, players and bad guys though. One day he calls, and then he doesn’t, one day he is available, and then he is not. This kind of on-and-off roller coaster unpredictable behavior breeds excitement and anxiety. But this excitement does not go further than that.

Ask yourself this: ARE YOU HAPPY? Also: HOW LONG CAN YOU GO ON LIKE THIS? You don’t want to be that older single woman complaining that ‘all the good ones are taken’, do you??

Something else I wanted to add to all the above. Once you know what it is like being with a nice guy, there will be no turning back. You see, it is much easier to adjust from being treated poorly to being treated nice, than from being treated nice to being treated poorly. Once you know what a Royal Treatment is, the rest of the bad guys will never have a chance with you. You have standards already, and it is a very good quality to have! It also means that YES, YOU CAN BE LUCKY IN LOVE.

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