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When he sends you an unsolicited dick pic -*New*
Why would they say “you are too good for me”? -*New*
How do I attempt to reconnect with my girlfriend after taking a break? -*New*
How do you know if your ex is suffering from depression? -*New*
My girlfriend says that she does not feel protected and secure with me. What does it mean?
How do I just walk out on someone? I do not feel like seeing them anymore
What are the signs your significant other does not love you anymore?
My girlfriend is too good looking for me (I think) and it makes me feel very insecure
I just started dating someone I really like, but they have terrible breath. How do I tell them?
How can I know I have true feelings for him because of ‘him’ and not because he is not available?
After 3 years together my girlfriend says she needs to ‘find herself ’ and that we need to take a break from this relationship. I am confused
We only meet when ‘I’ feel like it and I won’t let her see me when ‘she’ wants. Am I being too selfish?
Do you think dumping someone via text is inappropriate? 
What does it feel like when someone you do not like hits on you?
Does cutting people out of your life mean you do not like them anymore?
How can I tell if my male co-worker is just being friendly or is trying to hit on me?
Should I divorce my husband? He is working all the time and has no time for me
How do you go through the phase after several weeks following a breakup? It is getting harder and harder
Why can't I stop loving a toxic ex that gaslighted, cheated, and lied to me?
How do you prevent yourself from getting back together with a toxic ex?
I love my girlfriend, but I started having feelings for someone else too. I do not want to ruin my current relationship. Please help!
Did he break up with me for good? When he saw me he said he was confused and that he needed time to think things through
Do men regret breaking up with a woman they loved so much?
I do not have a girlfriend, and because of this, I feel very lonely. How do I stop feeling like this?