Hello ladies. My name is Alex. I have created this website because I felt like I have a lot to say.

If I were to say it in only one sentence then it would be: Relationships do not control you, YOU control them!

There are a lot of unhappy relationships in this world, but what is even more disturbing is how many excuses those unhappy people keep coming up with… to justify their staying in such relationships.

I have been waiting for years for him to become ready, why should I leave now? What if he proposes next month?’ – a woman on her 7 year old relationship with a non-committal man.

I believe if I stick it out long enough my relationship will improve’- a woman on her miserable relationship with her abusive partner.

Have you noticed something here? In the instances above, just like with many other instances, unhappy women rely on an OUTSIDE source (i.e. their men) for that change to take place.

My questions to such women: And how about YOU? What do you think your role is in this relationship and what can YOU personally do to make that ‘change’?

Are you a faceless, voiceless, and invisible party who has no right to have its own opinion or to make its own decisions? Why does it always have to be the man who decides on the course, the status, or the outcome of the relationship?? Why give him such a privilege at the expense of your own needs?

I have created this website to help each and every woman to gain perspective on her relationship dilemma, to see the truth for what it is, and to provide with guidance on what to do to solve the issue.

This time you, yes YOU, will be in charge. YOU will be in charge of your own dating life, your relationships, and breakups. YOU will be in charge of your own destiny, and in charge of your own HAPPY YOU!

As for my educational background I have a B.S in IT, and a M.S in Finance. I have a family member who is a counselor and a Doctor of Psychology. I read a lot of their material! 🙂

I am a hard core ANALYTICAL and insightful thinker. With this being said, this website should be especially useful for ladies who feel like they are stuck or have reached the end of a ‘Dead End’ road.

I am not a licensed professional (affordable online counseling with a licensed therapist can be found here) and my advice should not be considered as a substitute for professional help. If you are in critical condition please see your therapist.

Welcome and enjoy! You WILL feel better, and I believe in you! Go to: Dating, Relationships, Breakups.