Comforting and cozy post-breakup thoughts

Sometimes it feels good to feel nothing, especially after a breakup. But does being numb and feeling ‘nothing’ the only option to feeling 'better' after a breakup? How about feeling better for real?

Even the most devastating breakups have something positive about them. These are your post breakup ‘I feel better’ thoughts:

1. I just got rid of someone hurtful and toxic. Although, it may take some time to detox, I know that I’ll be all right. This is because I was happy before he came into my life and will be happy after he is gone.

2. I still remember how emotionally draining this relationship was. And now, since he is gone, I can finally breath freely.

3. No more over-thinking, fighting, proving myself, crying, worrying, broken dates, broken promises, lies, name calling, checking my phone, snooping through his phone, feeling paranoid and suspicious or obsessing over his each and every move. There is none of it now, not even on weekends. What a relieve. Phew…

4. I won’t check his Facebook, or won’t look him up on social media. I do not want to see something that will hurt or upset me. Even if I’m not feeling perfect right now, I do not want to make it worse.

5. Even though I’m taking baby steps in my recovery process, it is good to know that I am still moving forward. Better to move with baby steps than not move at all.

6. I will ignore his attempts to contact me. He may not know how much I am hurting or how much it may hurt to hear his voice, but come on now, doesn’t he get it that I am trying to move on? Contacting me during this difficult time only shows how inconsiderate, cruel, and selfish person he is.

7. I will ignore his attempts to contact me because I’ve already given him 85 chances. He failed all of them and will fail the # 86 too. One more chance means one more breakup. How many breakups am I supposed to have with this toxic person??

8. This breakup has created a huge void. It may sound scary and devastating at first but hey, it should be a perfect time for me now to switch my focus onto myself and fill this void with lovely sweet things that make my heart smile. Loving myself feels secure, comforting, and cozy.

9. Staying away means keeping a distance. As they say - the greater the distance, the better we can see. What if I see something I’m not seeing now? What if that something will help me to get over him completely? Plus, keeping a distance from him means keeping a distance from pain. Works for me.

10. This breakup is my guide to what works and what does not work for me. I know now what it feels like when someone does A, B and C. I also know what first signs and red flags to watch for to avoid falling into the same trap again.

11. He is the type I should avoid. Just another reason not to take his calls – he is not my relationship type. He is the wrong type for me. If he was the right type the breakup would not have happened. The right type for me won’t make me feel worthless, abandoned, ignored, and unloved.

12. There are many ‘right types’ out there for me. Why dwell on the loser ‘wrong type’?

13. As I grow loving myself MORE and MORE I may grow loving him LESS and LESS. I suppose Self-Love AND Low Quality Vanilla Relationships with Wrong Types are not compatible. This is why I do not want him back. Low quality is not my style.

14. There is a man out there who will call me a Queen. Or, a Princess. Or , my Darling. Or, my Sweetheart. AND HE WILL MEAN THAT. There won’t be ‘you are my world’ one day and ‘bye-bye’ the next. It will be a quality relationship with a quality man.

15. If I were to meet a quality man I would rather be ready and prepared, which means that perhaps… I should write him a promise-letter?

Of course I could do the old, corny, and traditional stuff and write a letter to my ex, cry in the process, read and re-read it 10 times and then never send it, BUT why not do something different? Why not write a letter to my future quality boyfriend or husband?

“Hello my Sweetheart. I know we have not met yet and maybe that is a good thing... at least for the current time being. I am just not ready. I am not ready because I am such an emotional mess. If we were to meet now it wouldn’t be fair to you. I want my heart to heal and be open to another love. I want it to start trusting again, loving again, and having dreams. If we were to meet now, I wouldn’t be able to do it, so I promise to become ready. I promise to put my life together, to get over my past, to become trusting and emotionally available. I want us to have a healthy relationship and I want it to work.”

16. Happy post-breakup life to me. There is definitely something good to look forward to!

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