Infidelity - How To Get Rid Of His Mistress

** This book is based on an anonymous poll of cheating or looking to cheat boyfriends and husbands. To give you some hope that not all is lost consider this: none of the polled men said they were looking for love**

Whether you are his ‘main woman’ or a secret mistress, regardless of the status,

~ you have probably come to a breaking point where 'things cannot continue like this any longer' and 'something has to change'.

~ all you want is the ultimate love of your man and for the other woman to disappear. You want her to be gone for good and you want her to be gone FOREVER.

~ you do also realize that if you were to decide to become proactive and start fighting for your man and the relationship with him there would be winners and losers. Someone would be left in the dust and you would like to believe that it wouldn’t be you.

If however, you are not sure, are scared or lack self-confidence you may decide to sit, wait, and do nothing hoping for the things to change… in your favor. But what if they will not?

Here is the truth, ladies – if you do not take action you will end up losing. You’ll either lose your man and/or ruin your personal life. It is up to you.


~ You are in a committed relationship and ended up being in a love triangle against your own will. You are also not ready to give up on your current relationship and are willing to take an effort to save it. This book will show you methods and techniques you can start utilizing TODAY to save your relationship AND get rid of his mistress in the process. The interesting thing about these methods is that most of the time you will not even have to get out of your own comfort zone to implement them.

~ You have already lost a man to the 'other woman'. Not every cheating man leaves his primary relationship for his mistress. Some women are better at keeping their men than others, and since it has happened to you already, then perhaps you did something (wrong) that you should not have done. This book is for you if you want to know what you did wrong and what you should have done instead to keep him. This book is also for you if you don't want this to happen to you ever again!

~ You are a mistress. I wrote a 'wake-up call' chapter for you called ‘If you are a mistress’. In this chapter I represent YOUR INTERESTS. Not his, not his ‘main woman’s’ but yours and yours only. You will find out what you and his relationship with you mean to him, what to say to make him choose between you and her, what to watch for, and whether you should stay or go. No more waiting for years! Everything will come to The End pretty quickly.

~ If you would like to know why men in committed relationships cheat. I conducted a poll among cheating or looking to cheat men. The gentlemen agreed for their anonymous comments to be added to the book. These are the comments you will never hear them saying straight into your face which means that straight from the horse’s mouth you will find out the truth. As you read through their answers, you will know exactly what you need to know to stop his cheating today or prevent it in the future, and this book is the book which will show you the ‘how to’.

I know you want to get rid of his mistress, but guess what? The recommendations of this book, if followed correctly, will make him want to get rid of her too.

A love triangle is a powerful combination of toxic feelings and beautiful emotions, hot passion and vicious jealousy, broken promises and ruined hopes. Love triangles can last for years and decades... but they do not have to.

A no fluff, straight to the point, beautiful, empowering, and insightful e-book for ladies in PDF format. If interested please click here.

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Sassy Bitch Reference Guide - What To Do When He...

Why is that that some women get the best boyfriends and husbands and others do not? What is it that they do that you do not?

Those women, who get the best guys, are not necessarily younger, prettier or slimmer and yet they get it all. What’s the deal? What is going on here? I even personally know 2 such women. Guess what I call them? A 'Sassy Bitch’.

Meet a nice, sweet, polite, and simply awesome Sassy Bitch!

She is nice but to the point, is selective but reasonable, is polite but knows her limits, is feminine but assertive, and is always in control. She is never rude. She knows what she wants and how to get it.

This book consists of the top 100 most frequently asked questions & answers related to texting, dating, relationships, and breakups AND it represents the basic standards of a Sassy Bitch. She operates under these standards!

Tired over obsessing what to do and what it means when he does this and that? Well, ladies, no more. This ‘Sassy Bitch’ quick reference guide is here to your rescue! Warning: if you are naturally a super patient, sweet, and accommodating with doormat tendencies person, then this manual may appear too rough or heartless to you.

You may also not want to miss out on my grand-finale, the most popular bonus question #101 How to make him propose. The method is based on male’s psychology. It consists of 4 steps that are guaranteed to work on the most stubborn men on the planet. Results are guaranteed.

Well ladies, welcome to the world of the awesome Sassy Bitch!

This beautiful and empowering e-book is available in 2 formats: PDF and Kindle. To purchase it in Kindle format (on Amazon) please select your country: US, UK, CAD, DEFR, ES, IT, NL, JP, BR, MX, AU, IN. The PDF format (here) is available worldwide. For best results, open your PDF book with Google Chrome.  85 pages, $10.


When You Are Desperate For His Love

When you are DESPERATE FOR HIS LOVE - how to leave your bad relationship without feeling like you are going against yourself.

This empowering book is for you if you feel unhappy with your current relationship, but are afraid and/or are too weak to leave.

You believe that even though you are not happy, there is still something precious about the man and the relationship. That something uniquely precious, you are holding on to so tightly, motivates you to stay.

As a result, you forgive the unforgivable and tolerate the intolerable. ​​You remember all the beautiful good that happened years ago​, but dismiss the ugly present.​ You cherish his occasional ‘I love you’-s, but ignore his frequent abusive treatment.

I understand that you may have never signed up for or agreed to having SUCH a relationship, but the reality is that you are in such a relationship and you are not happy.

Listed below are examples of such relationships. Regardless of their fairy-tale like beginnings, they all bring nothing but sorrow, pain, and disappointment in the end.

~ In the beginning he was taking you out and putting on an effort ​in​to mak​ing you feel special. All you have now is zero compliments and just casual hookups

~ When you met he was still involved with someone else. He promised to end things with the other woman, but it has been several months and she is still in the picture

~ When you first met he had no issues with finding time to see you. Seeing you was his priority. It is months later and you are #100 on his priorities list

~ You already knew there was something wrong with him (unemployment, criminal past, addictions, laziness, etc.), but you thought that meeting you would inspire him to change. Needless to say, it did not go the way you planned, except that now you do not know how to leave a man you invested so much time into

~ You thought you had a great relationship until one day when he dropped the “I am not ready to commit” bomb.

Are you in any of the above described (or just similarly pathetic) types of relationships? Do you feel like you​'ve had ENOUGH?

Enough is enough! It is time to fall out of love with your current bad relationship and to fall back in love with your own beautiful self again!

This insightful book will change the way you think and feel about the pathetic relationship you are currently in. It will re-program your brain! It will pull your head out of clouds and empower you enough to pull that plug. You can do it, and it won’t be as hard as you might think.

Push that unhappy relationship of yours over the cliff AND feel good about it!

The beautiful and empowering book is available in 2 formats: PDF and Kindle. To purchase it in Kindle format (on Amazon) please select your country: US, UK, DE, FR, ES, IT, NL, JP, BR, CA, MX, AU, IN. The PDF format (here) is available worldwide.

Get The Woman Of Your Dreams And Make It Work

I do not know what your educational background is and what your interests are, but let’s say if you were instructed by a top chef on what ingredients to add and at what time, do you think you would end up with an incredibly prepared and delicious dish? I’m sure you would!

With this being said, when it comes to women and relationships with them, you do NOT need to have a degree in psychology or some sort of special training to succeed. All you need to know is the right ‘ingredients’ which, if added properly, will produce exactly what you want – success in dating, delicious relationships, and zero frustrations.

This book consists of the list of those right ‘ingredients’. These ‘ingredients’, if followed properly, will have a TREMENDOUS impact on females (and your success with them).

As you may or may not know, women are wired differently, they feel and think differently and therefore, what may seem like a no big deal to a man may actually mean the whole world to a woman. Since you are not a woman you cannot know any of this. The only solution to this dilemma is to self-educate through reliable sources.

Since this book was written by a woman, consider it as a good and reliable source to learn from. It was written to help YOU understand what you, as a man, can do to succeed at approaching and dating, to get better relationships and avoid being dumped out of the blue.

My bonus chapter about players will give you insight into what is happening behind the scene, and why you do not need to be a player to score high with quality women. You will love what you learn!

A straight to the point, no fluff, no-nonsense book for men written by a woman. This book is available in 2 formats: PDF and Kindle. To purchase it in Kindle format (on Amazon) please select your country: US, AU, CA, UK, IN, JP, DE, FR, ES, IT, NL, JP, BR, MX. The PDF format (here) is available worldwide.