Everything you need to know to become successful with women


It has been my observation that men DO visit relationship websites:) For those gentlemen, lurking on such websites trying to figure out ‘how women think’, I have great news – I have created a ‘For Men’ section that is aimed to answer all of your secret questions.

Of course it is an ongoing project, but let me reassure you that once you read through just several mini-articles you will never be the same. You will discover why women lose interest, why they do what they do, what YOU could be doing wrong, and much much more. Bad, good, crazy, fabulous – it is all here for you to discover.

P.S. Just so you know, I'll be saying it as it is. No sugar coating to spare your feelings, OK?

Coming on too strong always fails - *New*
Excitement and ardent pursuit can backfire big time, especially in the beginning. Do not kill your chances of love! -*New*
She broke up with me and now she is calling - *New*
I do not have the guts to break up 
She broke up with me. How do I get her back? (based on real life experiences)

Should I wish my ex-wife a happy birthday?
Why she may be upset with you
Should I give presents to a woman I date?
The dark side of casual booty-call relationships
Is it a bad idea to get back with my ex after we have been broken up for 3 years?
Is it possible to move on right after a breakup?
If she does not initiate contact, does it mean she is not interested?

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Lame excuses that do not make any sense
You thought you were a perfect match… until she broke up with you (a breakup proof technique) 
Do girls like bad boys? 
Things your girlfriend will never tell you
Get your ex-Girlfriend back! e-Course
Dating older women – do the same rules still apply?
I do not know why she broke up with me
5 Steps to Looking 10 Years Younger! - program
How to break up with a crazy woman (with script included)
Crack the girl code (if you are tired of rejections) e-Course
Are you ready to date?
Women do not ‘just date’, there has to be a ‘destination’
If she dumped her boyfriend for me, does it mean she will dump me for another guy someday too?
75 Reasons she dumped you (very popular)
How to catch a cheating Spouse/Lover e-Course
Be afraid, be very afraid when she... stops nagging
Supreme self-confidence in dating and relationships e-Course
Why some men are more successful with women than others
One major mistake 90%+ of men in relationships make
I am a nice guy and I do not have a girlfriend. Why?
Are you a Lobster Man?
How to relax around beautiful women
Do not go overboard on your first zero date
How not to become a victim of a gold digger
Text your wife or girlfriend into bed! (if she is never in the mood) e-Course
I broke up with my girlfriend of 3 years and now I regret it
When your woman won’t believe you love her
Don't ever spill jokes about her looks!
How to make money online (women are attracted to successful men!) e-Course
A woman’s sexual organ is her BRAIN
Is she shy, playing hard to get, or just not interested?
Are you a TAKER?
So, you got married, got kids, and now she will not have sex with you anymore

Affordable online counseling and therapy with a licensed professional