Things your girlfriend will never tell you

Women may get mad at me for revealing such ‘personal’ things, but if we were to stop for a second and think, then we would all agree that knowing these ‘little things’ is actually beneficial to both genders.

If you are a guy, then you will understand where your moody girlfriend is coming from, and if you are a woman then knowing these ‘little things’ will make him a more understanding boyfriend for you. Win-win.

Here is what your girlfriend will never tell you:

1. I pay attention to the way you are dressed and what you wear. The way you are dressed – especially the kind of watch and shoes you wear - will tell me a lot about you.

2. I spy on you. I create fake media accounts to see who you are talking to and whose pictures you ‘like’. I also check on your ‘relationship status’ and watch closely what you say about our relationship behind my back. I do it mostly because I want to know everything about you because if I don't, I feel insecure.

3. If I see you talk to other women, ‘like’ their images etc., I start losing interest. I want you to belong to me only.

4. Because I spy on you on social media, I know about you more than you think or from what you have told me. What it means is that since you do not know what I know, you could be easily caught in a lie.

5. A man who can make me laugh will win my heart. Make me laugh!

6. I like holding hands with you. It makes me feel happy and secure. Refusing to hold my hand feels like abandonment… yes it is so powerful.

7. If you have been with me for a while, then I would like to hear your ‘I love you’. I want you to say it first. Not hearing ‘I love you’ from a man I am with (or have been with for months and years) feels very unsettling. It eats me inside.

8. I would rather you say ‘I love you’ than ‘I will f*ck you’

9. Even though we are in a relationship, I have other men hitting on me. I am with you day and day out because I’m choosing to be with you (over those other guys). Your treating me bad, becoming a jerk, taking me for granted or ignoring me, will make me change my mind about us. I may take a closer look at those who express interest in me.

10. If you won’t propose after xx months of dating, I’ll lose respect for you as a man. Strong men make things happen and I want you to be that STRONG MAN.

11. We share all our personal dramas with our girlfriends. USUALLY, opinions of experienced girlfriends and female family members matter to us more than your opinion.

12. Your delayed responses to my calls, sms or emails is a major turn off.

13. When I notice or sense that you lie I may not say anything. Deep down I want you to be that man who ‘hates lying to his woman’. Yes, I would rather you confess. If it does not happen I may still say nothing, but it will be taken against you. Your habitual lying will lead to loss of attraction, respect and trust on my end.

14. Do not be afraid to cry in front of me. It does not make you ‘less of a man’ or weaker in my eyes. I enjoy connecting emotionally with my man.

15. When I am in love with you, I want to have children (with you).

16. When we are apart for whatever reasons – work, travel, current living arrangements etc., AND when I do not hear from you for a while, I feel insecure. I know you said you loved me yesterday, but what about today? Do you feel the same today too? I need reassurance that nothing has changed.

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Do girls like bad boys?

Yes, girls like bad boys. Women don’t.

As you can see now, there are two answers to this question, and the ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ depends on the maturity level of the female.

Let us sum up what bad boys represent.

Bad boys:

~ do not follow rules and therefore are unpredictable
~ behave ‘as if’ they have options which makes them even more attractive
~ never boring because being subjected to an emotional roller coaster ride is never boring indeed
~ seem to always get any woman they want
~ are great to have fun with
~ appear to be confident, strong, and independent which are very desirable traits to have.

Now, let’s take a look at the needs of girls vs. the needs of women. Understanding this will put your curiosity to rest.

There will be a day when a girl will mature up and become a woman, but as long as she is still a girl she has the right to enjoy her girly life so to speak. Girls like fun!

They are not about settling down or having a mortgage, they are about parties, gossip with their girlfriends, drama, fashion, online chats, dance clubs, makeup, texting, sexting, dating, etc. No wonder bad boys make a perfect fit, or should we say – a great addition – to the lifestyle and interests of such girls.

Now, let’s talk about women. Once a girl turns into a woman her priorities and preferences change dramatically. What was important and exciting back then, suddenly does not make sense anymore which includes bad boys also.

Women value stability, reliability, respect and many other valuable characteristics that make long-term relationships work. Since bad boys are the exact opposite of all that, they have no chance in hell to score high enough with such women to be ‘chosen’.

As a result of this shift, nice guys who were perceived as ‘boring’ by these exact same women suddenly become regarded as ‘stable’ and ‘reliable’. Yes, they become popular among more mature women (in their late 20s and up)

Girls prefer bad boys and women prefer nice guys which means that yes, in the end, nice guys win.

Bad boys have major personality flaws which make it very difficult for them to form AND sustain long term quality human relationships. They may appear to be confident and like they can get any woman they want, but it is all short-term.

These women abandon them eventually because their needs are not getting met. In the long run bad boys end up being abandoned, lonely, and depressed. No one wants to deal with a toxic person who brings NO VALUE to a relationship.

One word of caution though: there are grown women out there who cannot help but be drawn to bad boys and all the crap they represent. These damaged women have low self-esteem and do not believe they deserve something better.

Or, perhaps they were treated badly when they were a child and now, when they are grownups, they still expect to be treated badly. Being treated badly feels normal to them because it is like a reflection of what they feel about themselves.

Those who are attracted to toxic people perhaps are toxic themselves or have some loose screws to take care of. They probably need therapy too.

To sum it up one more time: yes, girls like bad boys, but eventually they grow out of it.

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