You thought you were a perfect match… until she broke up with you (a breakup proof technique)

Women are generally more flexible, intuitive, and self-sacrificing than men, which means that some women - in order to please their man and keep a relationship going – may go a bit overboard with these traits.

These types of women literally sign an imaginary agreement with themselves stating that her man’s interests, mood, and needs have higher priorities over hers.

As a result of this she feels like she has no choice but to stick with ‘the rules’ and ‘must haves’ of her imaginary agreement.

Here is a list of examples of what she will do to please you:

~ if you are into sports and she hates sports she may gladly agree to watch a boxing match stating that she likes it ‘a lot’ (You: wow, finally I’ve met a woman who loves sports as much as I do)

~ if you are a big city guy and she is a country woman she may agree to relocate to a big city ‘to be with you’ (You: it worked out so easily!)

~ if you are an introvert and require a lot of personal space and she is an outgoing extrovert she may state that she ‘likes solitude too’ (You: I love how she is not bitching about my constant need to be alone. So refreshing!)

~ if you are super busy and do not have time to meet as often as she wants to, she may say she is ‘OK’ with that. There will be no fuss, no nagging, and no drama. Perfect, huh?

~ if you are picky about some food she may state that she is picky about the exact same food. (You: she is a one of a kind woman!)

~ in essence, whatever views, believes, hobbies, and interests you have, she will miraculously exhibit exactly the same views, believes, hobbies and interests. (You: after all these years of searching, lousy relationships, and nasty breakups, I have finally found my perfect match. No doubts, she is ‘The One’)

One would wonder how all this is possible. What are the chances of finding someone with the exact same views, believes, hobbies, preferences, habits, likes and dislikes, attitude towards money and people? What are the chances of finding your perfect twin? Do you think it exists??

There are women out there who would flex, bend over, and adjust to the point of where it feels like they are your perfect match. Or your twin.

It is oh so wonderful to be with someone who seems to ALWAYS BE ON THE SAME PAGE WITH YOU, isn’t it??

Unfortunately, this kind of a paradise is a ticking time bomb ready to explode unexpectedly at any moment. You MAY feel super happy and satisfied, but she does not. By adjusting to make it all work she compromises herself big time. She basically loses her identity to be with you.

Understandably, you may be like ‘gee, I did not ask her to do it’.

There are two major reasons for such unhealthy behavior: insecurity and very poor communication skills. She neither felt comfortable nor courageous enough to say that she hates sports, won’t move to a big city, or feels super unhappy with your poor availability. She just could not say that. It felt much easier to just go with the flow and keep things quiet.

Besides, with all the media out there portraying women as insecure, needy, demanding, full of drama crazy psychos, many women are at a loss of what to say and what not to say, what to do and what not to do to not scare their man. As a result, they choose the easiest way – to sweep it under the rug, to say ‘Yes’ all the time, and ignore deal breakers. They want it to be ‘easy, perfect, and uncomplicated’

As the relationship continues, so does her resentment grow bigger. You may NEVER know how unhappy and unsatisfied she feels until one day… when she breaks up with you.

To you – it was a perfect relationship, to her – it was a crappy relationship from hell.

You may wonder what the heck to do with this knowledge and how to shield yourself from this happening again.

Attention guys. If you are in a super-perfect relationship with no fights and no uncomfortable discussions thinking you found a perfect match, then you need to read this. Not to rain on anyone’s parade, but unfortunately the relationship may not be THAT super-perfect.

The only way to find out what is being hidden for months, or perhaps even years, is to bring it up to the surface. The only way to find out if your woman is truly as happy as you are is to encourage her to open up. It will be a very uncomfortable experience, mostly for her, but if you promise not to yell or to break up she may tell you what’s been bugging her.

The reason you need to know this is obvious: your relationship won’t end out of the blue. Who wants to be dumped like that?

How to talk to your woman

Start with something small.

~ If it is a night out tell her it is HER night and ask to pick her favorite place. Do not let her get away with ‘I like everything you like sweetie’. No! Ask her to pick HER favorite place.

~ have a little ‘pillow talk’ about your relationship. Encourage her to disclose what areas of relationship she thinks require improvement. It is a very soft, non-threatening approach to find out what is bothering her and it should work.

Or just tell her as it is

~ ‘I know that we are great together, but I find it hard to believe because even in the most healthy relationships people have disagreements. I would like to know if there is something that you are not happy about. I want you to give me a chance to improve things and be your hero. Please do not keep it to yourself. I want us to work out’

Listening to what is bothering her will be like obtaining a secret code to fixing AND upgrading your relationship to a newer, more robust level.

Happy women do not leave their men, it is the unhappy ones who do. Is your woman happy? Talk to her to find out. Before it is too late.

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