Be afraid, be very afraid when she… stops nagging

What?? Yes, you got it right! I am about to give you insight into what it is all about.

Now, before we begin, I would like to point out that every woman is different and some are more prone to nagging than others. What we will be talking about here is the SUDDEN change in her nagging style.

Nagging is a sign that she is not happy. She is either not happy with you or some aspect of the relationship. If you look at it this way then nagging could be a good thing – if she nags you about A, B, and C then you know EXACTLY what needs to be done to put the relationship back on track and make her happy. Examples of nagging: ‘we do not go out together as we used to’, ‘you are not as romantic as you used to be’ or ‘ I have been asking you to help me with A and B for days but you keep forgetting’.

Here is something for you to remember or even better – PLEASE NEVER FORGET – as long as she keeps nagging she is still emotionally involved with you and the relationship. Her nagging means she still has hope you will deliver and therefore the relationship will continue to have meaning to her. But the moment her nagging stops will be the moment when she lost all hope and it will be the beginning of the end.

Whatever you were delivering (or providing her with) in the past but stopped delivering in the present (because she gave up asking) will create void and eventually it will be filled with something or someone else.

Eventually your relationship will become nothing but
an EMPTY SHELL - all of her needs

and desires will be satisfied via other means and other external resources.

This is a scary thing to imagine but if you let it fester, it has a high chance of becoming an ugly reality!

On a positive note, please do not take this article too literally or to some sort of extreme. What stands behind nagging is an unsatisfied need. If you are too busy with work and too tired to go out as ‘you used to’ she may come to terms with the change and will go out with her friends instead.

It is OK to tell her why you cannot do A, B, or C; it is OK to provide her with alternatives; and it is OK to be reasonable about it. But it is not OK to refuse to provide something that you clearly can (like you used to!) or simply to ignore her nagging all together. YOUR CHOICE.
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One major mistake 90%+ of men in relationships make

Would you like to belong to the rest, oh so LOVED BY WOMEN, in that 10 % category of men? Would you like to know what that rare category of men do that the others do not?

If I were to answer this question in only one sentence then it would be: when it comes to relationships 90%+ of men fail to MAINTAIN them. This is so crucial and 100% of females are aware of it.

Let's say you've met a woman you are crazy about and want her to be yours. What do you do then to attract her? Peacocks display their beautiful bushy tails, nightingale males sing serenades, and elks show off their might on ‘duels’ with other male elks to attract a female of their choice. Guess what, males of human’s species are no different!

To get the woman you like you will naturally start giving her a lot of attention, wine and dine, shower her with compliments and gifts, and go out of your way to make her feel special. In other words you become her Mr. Prince Charming.

Once a woman responds and you start dating /enter the relationship the whole scenario described above SUDDENLY STOPS. This is when all the troubles begin.

You see, to get a woman interested AND TO KEEP her interested you need to be that Mr. Prince Charming at all times.

Your attentive behavior is what got her interested
in the first place, and as soon as you stop that behavior
guess what happens to her interest?

That’s right; she either loses her interest in you (and the relationship), becomes a nag, or even worse – cheats with Mr. Prince Charming # 2. All of this happens because the minute you stop giving her attention she starts feeling lonely, unloved, abandoned, rejected, insecure, and hurt.

To constantly behave like Mr. Prince Charming may sound like a lot of work but actually it should not have to. No one is asking you to operate in a high gear. All you have to do is to CONTINUE giving her steady, low key attention. Always remember to compliment and make sure she feels like ‘The One’. Your occasional ‘I love you’-s will mean the world to her and please never stop repeating those words.

I say, gentlemen, never ever neglect/ignore a woman and your relationship with her. Doing so is equal to committing a relationship suicide. On the other hand, by putting an effort into a relationship MAINTENANCE you are practically eliminating all the chances of being dumped.

In nutshell, this is all you need to know to become that 10% of men women are so dreaming about.

In case you are dying for a practical, detailed ‘how to’ advice on the MAINTENANCE part, I would like to personally recommend you ‘The System’ book written by DocLove, (currently listed on US Amazon).

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What makes this book different? In case you have not noticed, there are not many dating/relationship books on the market that were written specifically for men; and those few that exist tend to cover just one particular subject at a time. So, in order for you to get the ‘whole picture’ and get all of your dating/relationships questions answered, you will feel like you need to buy several of them. Or, perhaps even many.

The ‘The System’ book is unique because it covers it ALL. I call it the ‘A to Z’ book. It covers the entire seduction/dating/relationship process from the very beginning to the end! Isn’t it amazing?

One more thing: the price may seem like a lot, but if you were to go by another route, and start buying multiple books, you would end up paying much much, more.
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Do not ever spill jokes about her looks!

Man to a woman on a date: ‘‘Oh look! The toes on your feet are so long, they could play a piano!"

Was it funny? Maybe to you, but no woman would ever want to receive such a ‘compliment’. It was not a compliment, it was MEAN! No matter one’s sense of humor, there are certain things we just cannot joke about.

Many women are insecure about their looks. If you do not want to unintentionally sabotage your great date or spill toxic waste on your relationship with her, I recommend to never make fun or any sort of outrageous comments regarding her looks. It includes her looks over all or certain parts of her body in particular.

Let me put it in perspective – like you, the gentlemen, are all sensitive and insecure about the size of your penis or your height this is how many women are insecure about their looks.

Major insecurities include, but not limited to: the size of her breasts, her weight, wrinkles on her face, her hair, the size of her hips and the size of her behind, being too short/too tall, being too old or looking too old, skin stretch marks after having a baby, unattractive face (in her opinion), or her legs.

These insecurities are not just insecurities,
these are her weak spots and painful
buttons to push.

The minute you make a seemingly innocent joke about her looks (you do not know exactly what part of her body she is insecure about) you push that painful button and make her cry inside. You do this several times on your first dates and you will never hear from her again. GUARANTEED.

We, the ladies, do not want to date mean gentlemen who keep hitting us in our weak spots. We have been hurt way too many times and we are not looking for more.

Nevertheless, I still want you to know that yes, It is OK to compliment a woman. Beautiful compliments, along with diamonds, are the best woman’s friends!

Compliment her gorgeous face, her beautiful hair, her figure etc., but refrain from making jokes about her looks or her body parts. You will never know when you might push that button that makes her cringe inside. YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE THAT MAN.

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A woman’s sexual organ is her BRAIN

Let us start with the well known fact that men and women are wired differently. Those men who refuse to acknowledge or understand this will never be successful with women.

Here is one simple fact you may or may not like – a woman’s sexual organ is her BRAIN.

In order to make a woman want you on a physical level you need to put an effort into ‘stimulating’ her brain.  Now let us put an equal sign between these two words and you will know exactly what I am talking about: Stimulating = Romancing.

Start romancing a woman of your choice
and you will have a high chance of getting her in your bed
(provided she will let you romance her)

What is romancing about? Romancing is about  going out on beautiful dates, having dinners with candle lights, walking on a beach, giving her flowers, chocolates and jewelry, giving her constant and steady attention, showering her with compliments, being an attentive listener, helping her when she asks for help, and just being her Mr. Prince Charming.

As long as you keep romancing your woman she will continue being responsive, but as soon as you abandon the romancing part guess what will happen?  You will hear the dreaded ‘I am not in the mood’ words. Sounds familiar?

Every man hates when a woman
says that to him AND every woman hates when a man
stops being romantic with her

You may wonder if this is the rule and if so if there are any exceptions. Yes and yes to both questions.

Yes, this is the rule and it is not some sort of a ‘whim’ on a woman’s part. Women are wired differently and they are biologically predisposed to be responsive to males who behave in a certain manner.

As for the exceptions, there are only two of them:

1) If you have been doing all the right things and she is still not ‘in the mood’ it means that she could be stressed, tired, not feeling well, upset over something, or on medications that kill her libido.

2) She could be constantly ‘In the mood’ without your trying too much. Usually it happens when a relationship is new and/or the woman is totally crazy about you. Unfortunately it is not sustainable long term. Eventually, once the newness wears off, you will have to pick up the slack and do the romancing part to keep her ‘in the mood’ long term.

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Is she shy, playing hard to get, or just not interested?

Isn’t frustrating to chase after a woman who will not tell you how she feels?

If you have been through the drill with other women you have probably learned that women tend to give away all the kind of signals, and most of them are more or less clear. When she gives away a green light you know you are OK to proceed, when she flashes a red one (at you) - you pack your bags and move on to another prospect.

But what about those ladies who glow with a YELLOW one? The green is for ‘Yes’, the red is for ‘No’ and what is the yellow for? Perhaps for ‘Maybe?’

Let me be straight to the point here and tell you exactly what it means: 1) either she is shy and/or old fashioned (a green light) or 2) she has a low interest level (a red light)

1) She is shy and/or old-fashioned

Old fashioned, traditional women will expect for a man to initiate and lead the romance. If she is interested she will respond to your advances: she will pick up the phone when you call, she will respond to your text messages, and she will be happy to go out with you. This is the kind of a woman who will not call you as much and will not go psycho on you when you disappear. She will simply suffer in silence waiting for your call…

If initiating everything seems like too much work for you then perhaps you are not compatible with this type of a woman. Please understand that she is not doing it TO YOU, she is like this with every man who pursues her.

2) She has a low interest level

A woman with a low interest level will not be as responsive and will not be available as much. Lots of excuses, memory lapses (‘sorry I forgot’) and non-committal attitude should be your red flags and signs that you do not mean that much to her.

You may wonder if she is not that interested, then why waste her time on keeping the connection?  Well, most of the time women do this to boost their own ego (I am attractive enough to be liked by others) or to feel better when in a turbulent or an unhappy relationship (I can dump my loser boyfriend anytime now, I have other great man (or men) chasing after me.).

Conclusion: as long as you keep seeing the YELLOW light, I advise you to keep moving forward. Keep moving forward until it turns into a definite GREEN or a definite RED one.  As you keep moving forward you will see that change.

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Are you a TAKER?

There is a certain breed of a man many women are aware of and, to put it VERY mildly, try to stay away from. Could you belong to this undesirable type of a breed? Read on to find out.

This is the type of a man who enjoys the company of a woman, takes all the nurturing and sweetness she has to offer, likes having sex with her BUT when it comes to EVERYTHING ELSE (mostly something negative or challenging) that a regular relationship entails he does not want to be bothered.

In other words, he will take from the table, eat from the table, but will do nothing to contribute to the table. See what angle I am working from here?

His ideal woman is the woman who is easy-breezy to be with, is always happy and content, is loyal, never complains about anything, and has zero expectations. She is always ‘in the mood’, never nags, has a care-free attitude and does not need anything from him. Being involved with such a woman is like swimming in an ocean with no storms, tides, and bad weather. Does such an ocean exist?? Neither does such a woman!

This type of a man will stay in such a relationship as long as 1) it satisfies HIS needs 2) the woman makes no waves about HER own unmet needs.

The minute she opens her mouth to express dissatisfaction, instead of working on the issue he will 1) get himself ‘out of there’ 2) pretend like he heard nothing 3) ignore her complaints hoping they will go away or 4) ignore the woman altogether saying that she is having ‘a bad day’.

Have you ever done any of the above before?

When dating or starting a relationship with a woman, whether you like it or not, you will have to make adjustments and you will have to make sacrifices. There will be good and bad times, there will be issues and there will be difficulties. You, as a participating party in the relationship, will have to address those issues and will have to work on them too.

As with most women, she will have expectations and you will need to be prepared to discuss them with her.

You cannot hide from
and should not ignore what she complains about
and what she feels

Of course, relationships are not just about doom and gloom, there are happy times too.

Having LOW tolerance to minor challenges every relationship presents - like when she asks for something and you immediately call her a ‘nag’ – is a clear sign you are not ready to be in a relationship. As a matter of fact, with such an attitude – you are very bad relationship material and should not be dating. Women run from such men and if the above description matches you, then you know why you have been dumped.

So, do you still want to have a woman who does not need anything from you? Here is something to remember: ‘she does not need anything from you’ equals to ‘she does not need you at all’.

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So, you got married, got kids, and now she will not
have sex with you anymore

I hear this a lot. More than I would like to.

Hordes of unhappy, unsatisfied, and discouraged men turn to multiple resources to read about relationships (perhaps for the very first time in their lives) to find solution and to get guidance on ‘what to do’.

I could not help but notice one disturbing fact however – these men are looking for a solution and a quick fix of THEIR problem (aka the lack of sex) and never mention anything about their spouse and HER problems.The reason you have this problem is because she has a problem. You cannot fix your problem without fixing hers first.

As I have mentioned multiple times before, on a biological level women are wired differently. You may especially notice this difference when you have kids. She is a female with offspring to take care of which means DRAMATICALLY shifted priorities.

Having kids for a woman means more worries, more stress, more tension, and more 24/7 of everything. During this time many especially overwhelmed women forget about themselves, their own needs, and let themselves go. It is biological and YOU cannot change it, what you can DO however is to alleviate the burden of the weight she is carrying.

If you are a busy in charge of everything business owner or a high profile executive you probably know firsthand already that stress is a major sex drive killer. The minute a woman has a child she becomes that ‘busy executive’. The only way to help your overloaded, busy woman -‘executive’ to feel better and more responsive to YOUR needs is to take over a good chunk of her responsibilities.

The more rested and relaxed your woman is,
the higher chance of her feeling
that suppressed by stress sexual desire for you

Here are some more points to keep in mind:

~ Even if she is silent about it, still offer to help. Either alone or together, just do it!

~ Start romancing her the way you used to do in the beginning. Please read this article to understand what kind of male’s behavior triggers sexual desire in females. It is biological and it guaranteed to work 100%.

~ The more mentally/emotionally happy your woman is, and the less she is physically tired, the higher chance she will have sex with you again. In other words, fix her problems first and yours will become fixed automatically.

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