If she does not initiate contact, does it mean she is not interested?

If she does not initiate contact, then how do I know she is interested? Should I pursue her further?  - David G.

To such guys like David – you miss a big point here.

First of all, if she does not initiate contact during dating you it does not necessarily mean she is not interested. Some women are more traditional than others and strongly prefer to be pursued by a confident man. Yes, that’s right, they like for the man to initiate and take the lead.

“But how do I know if she is interested?” - you ask – “maybe I am just wasting my time on a woman who is not interested?”

Let me show you what a NOT INTERESTED WOMAN does:

~ she won’t take your calls and won’t return your calls

~ she won’t respond to your text messages or emails

~ she won’t agree to meet

~ she is full of excuses as to why she cannot meet

~ she is busy 24/7 and has zero time to go out with you no matter how hard you try to accommodate

~ she disappears on you and in 100% cases you never hear from her

~ if you are too persistent she may call you names and ask you to bug off

Let us take a look at the woman you are currently dating, but who does not initiate contact.

~ she takes your calls and gladly chats with you

~ she responds to your text messages and emails

~ she agrees to meet

~ she always has time to meet no matter how busy she is

~ she is always in the background, available for you to reach out, and of course she gladly responds.

~ she does not disappear. A news flash: women do not disappear on men they are interested in!

~ she may have a cute nickname for you.

Now, after reading all this, YOU tell me if she is interested or not. Does she display any signs or even teeny-tiny hints of a woman who is NOT interested??

I think the answer is obvious.

If you are not happy about her not initiating, then the best thing you can do is to offer her to become your exclusive Girlfriend. This should give her confidence and make her more comfortable.

Many women won’t initiate because they do not want to look desperate, needy and clingy. They won’t initiate also if they are not sure of where they stand.

You see, if you have been dating her for a while and never offered her to become exclusive, then she won’t initiate out of insecurity. For us – women – it never feels comfortable to date a man for a while and not have a status. It is rather very unsettling. We want to be SURE that the man we are with is totally into us.  As soon as we know it we feel more confident and we will initiate more.

Of course, there are many different types of women, and this article has covered only those who won’t initiate contact during dating. I hope it was helpful.

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Is it possible to move on right after a breakup?

Yes it is possible to move on right after a breakup provided the actual breakup took place… within a relationship.

How could it be so?

You see, there are types of women who will stay in a supposed relationship and keep their lousy boyfriends beyond the ‘sell by’ date. What it means to you is that their moving on process has already started; it started way before the relationship’s official end date.

Putting yourself in their position, imagine being in a relationship with someone you love. All is good, until they do something bad. It could be anything, but the point is that that ‘bad’ has affected your opinion of them.

As the relationship progresses, imagine them doing other ‘bad’ things that directly affect your opinion, feelings, and attraction level towards them.

Let it go on for a while and at some point in time you may catch yourself thinking ‘Wait, I do not think they are who I thought they were. They are a different person and I am not sure I love them as I used to’.

Yes, in the beginning, when we do not know them as well, we fill in the blanks and in between the lines; we are creating a fantasy image we think we could fully love because it meets our dreamy expectations.

As a reality sets in and the person we are with deviates more and more from those dreamy expectations we find ourselves more disappointed and less loving.

We may stay with them out of convenience, out of fear of being alone, for the sake of money or sex etc. being perfectly aware that they are not our The One.

We may string them along until something better comes up. And, eventually it does. When that happens, we gladly take off from that spare airport and fly away with the one we think is ‘better’.

At this point yes, we immediately move on.

The point of the story: their ability to move on quickly is your clue of how they really felt about you and the relationship with you.

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