Lame excuses that do not make any sense

In this article I have explicitly stated that women do not like to ‘just date’. Women are seeking commitment and in many cases marriage and having children too.

As long as a woman believes that her relationship is moving in the right direction, she will keep putting her heart, soul, time, and emotions into it. What it means to you is that she will be fully involved and totally committed to what you two have together.

Now, should she sense or realize that she is dating a stringer and the relationship is not going anywhere there will be a shift. There will be a shift in her attitude towards you and her treatment (of you).

Sometimes it is a subtle shift and sometimes it is not.

A great example of a not-so-subtle shift is her issuing you an ultimatum. If she has dated you for a while and you are still not ready to move things to the next level she may get fed up with waiting and will issue an ultimatum: ‘we are either getting married or get lost’. It may be harsh, but at least you will know where she is coming from and you will certainly be on the same page.

As for the ‘subtle’ shift - it is a totally different story. This is where all the lame excuses begin. From this point forward (in her mind) the relationship is heading downhill, and since she has lost all hope she will exhibit signs of being less committed. Rather than openly stating it as it is and to break up, she will assume a passive –aggressive position.

Since the shift is so subtle the overall change may not be so obvious. The only thing you may notice is her lame excuses that do not make any sense AT ALL. They are your tiny bells warring of an upcoming disaster i.e. a breakup.

Definition of a lame excuse: is the kind of excuse that was never an excuse before.

Just take a look at these examples and tell me it NEVER happened to you. I am sure it has. Perhaps several times. These are your clues to pay attention to and take action if needed.

~ the length of your phone conversations will shorten. She may still be nice, but talking on the phone won’t feel as it used to. Some lame excuses she will feed you with: ‘I had such a long day, I’m actually going to bed now’, ‘I feel so hungry all of a sudden, I better grab something‘, ‘Oh hi, I was actually in a middle of something, I cannot talk too long’.

~ she may not return all your phone calls, sms or emails. She may return them the next day though, acting sweet and nice. This is what is most confusing to you guys – you think if she is nice it means that everything is OK. She is nice because she is a nice person and she does not know how to be a rude, obnoxious bitch. There is a chance that deep down she feels sorry for you. She may think you are a loser who does not know how things work with women.

~ she may not be as affectionate. All the huggy-kissy-lovey-dovey thing she used to do to you in a public place will vanish into a Never land. It may not vanish completely right away, but there will be a significant drop. Her lame excuse? –‘ I do not feel so good‘ or ‘are you trying to start a fight?’.

~ she may not be as flexible and willing to stick with defined plans/dates. She may say that she has errands to run or may pin point some of the things you do when together expressing dissatisfaction – ‘during our time together you keep taking calls from your boss’ or ‘I know you are stressed out, you seem so distracted when we are together… totally not fun to be around someone like this’.

This rather passive-aggressive slow way of ending a relationship exists among many women. Women hate dead-end relationships as much as ambitious men hate dead end jobs. It is the dreaded sense of doom that makes them so unbearable.

I say, watch out for suddenly emerging lame excuses. If she has checked out from your relationship there will be plenty of them.

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