Women do not ‘just date’, there has to be a ‘destination’

If you have been around the block several times, then you have probably noticed one major difference between men and women: women do not like to ‘just date’.

It is never ‘just dating’ for a woman. We want it to be meaningful and we want to it to have a ‘destination’.

‘Destination’ means reaching a point at which
a man she
dates becomes her committed boyfriend or a husband.
There is no wiggle room here, really. That’s it.

I get that this sort of thing may sound too stiff or restricting, but this is what females are like.

We women tend to be more perceptive and are very quick at figuring what we feel or want. Once we know, we want you to be on the same page with us, and if you are not, we feel frustrated and disappointed. As an example: have you ever dated a woman several times only to discover that she refers to you as her boyfriend already?

Booty calls, friends with benefits, mistresses on the side, ‘the other women’ – are the examples of low-self-esteem women willing to WAIT on the sidelines long enough to still get to that destination EVENTUALLY. To kill it off with a woman like this, all you have to say is ‘I will never become your committed boyfriend’ or “ I will never marry you’.

Heck, you can say it to every woman you want to end it with. It is the same as if a woman you date told you that she will never have sex with you. It is like ‘Yes dear, let’s date but I will never sleep with you. Not going to happen. Not in your life time’. Would you feel motivated to continue with someone like this??

As soon as we feel like there is no hope of reaching that ‘destination’ with a particular man we feel disappointed (suffer in pain, have terrible anxiety, feel used etc.).

Below are examples of things men do to kill that hope.


~ cheat
~ won’t propose after several years of dating
~ won’t commit
~ flip flop or are not sure about being in a relationship

We do not like traveling in a direction with a ‘dead end’ sign on it. We know where we are going and what end point we want to reach. If a man we are dating exhibits signs of not traveling along with us we have no choice but to dump his sorry ass.

Some women are willing to wait longer than others, but the end result is still (and always) the same – you end up being dumped.

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If she dumped her boyfriend for me, does it mean she will dump me for another guy someday too?

First of all, if your logic was true then there would be no marriages. We have ALL dumped someone at a certain point and this is how the selection process works.

And second, you cannot use her past relationship(s) to predict what might happen with yours. The reason is that unless you know the circumstances of the breakup you cannot draw any conclusions.

Here is helpful hint: try to find out what her relationship with that guy was like and why she left.

Once you know the truth take a look at yourself and see if you are guilty of these – see examples below:

~ If it was money they were fighting over (like his crazy spending habits or inability to pay bills) and if you think you are lacking in this area, then there is HUGE chance she will dump you for the exact same reason.

~ if he was a stringer (like dating her for years without proposing) and you are not looking to get married, then she will dump you too. This time around she may not even wait for xx years to do the deed.

Every woman who wants a family has a very limited time in her life to make it happen. Every man who enters her life during this time frame has a very limited time to give it to her. Do you want a family? No? Then be a decent man and let her go.

Since she is driven by a biological instinct, anything less than
proposal of marriage
will be regarded as a ‘waste of time’ and ‘meaningless’.

~ if she felt ignored and lonely most of the time, then this is your clue NOT to ignore her, otherwise she won’t stay. Different women have different needs for the amount of attention required. If her feeling neglected led to a breakup, then you know now she is one of those who needs some ‘extras’ not to feel abandoned.

These are just examples and if you want to know more about why women dump men here is a very comprehensive list - 75 reasons she dumped you. If you are already dating AND if you find that some of those reasons pertain to your relationship already, I suggest you address them asap. Your relationship could be in a pre-breakup stage already without your realizing it.

Women rarely break up without saying something first. Talk to your woman, listen to what she says, figure out what makes her happy and give it to her. Unless you are totally incompatible, it should not be THAT difficult.

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