Be Lucky In Love

You Can Have The Relationship You Want!

It is not where you came from or what you left behind, it is where you are heading now and what you will have in the future. Regain your sense of self-worth, curb your anxiety, start saying ‘No’, stop being afraid, become The One for you, say bye-bye to insecurities, have the strength to walk away from toxic relationships, and get over your breakups fast. You can change the way you think about dating and relationships, and you can have the relationship you want!

Are you currently dating someone?

If you are currently dating someone, how do you know if they are looking for the same thing you are? How do you know if they are ‘for real’? Do you know what signs to look for and what to pay attention to to be sure? And, what if they keep flip-flopping and are difficult to read? Should you give them more time or should you leave? After all, there is nothing worse than wasting time on someone who will never become our committed boyfriend/girlfriend or a husband/wife. What’s the point you ask. Of course, there is no point! Stop pointless dating today!

You may be in a relationship, but…

You may be in a relationship, but… well, is it the kind of a relationship you always wanted? Does your significant other make you feel special or un-special? Do you feel loved, appreciated, and cared for? What if there is none of that (or maybe just some) and… you feel stuck? Let me tell you this: there is a way to get unstuck. To get unstuck means ‘to get a solution’. Get your relationship problem resolved asap and end the misery. There are so many unhappy relationships out there, do not let yours be one of them. It can be better. I promise!

Breakups - what if you cannot forget them?

I know how you feel. I also know what it feels like when all of your friends and family got tired of you talking about him/her non-stop. They all wish you well and they all tell you the same thing – to ‘just get over him/her’… which is basically useless. But what if you cannot? What if you cannot forget them? Is there something else – anything! – in this world that could help you get over them for real and to stop the pain? If so, what is this? My breakup section contains plenty of useful articles, tips, and tricks to deal with the pain of betrayal and breakups. Read through experiences of others; get encouragement and start feeling better immediately!

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