If you think your breakup means the end of the world: read this first, and then think again

Are you currently in pain wishing you were dead because the future seems bleak and meaningless without that person? Are you feeling like there is a huge void inside of you and continue living ‘like this’ is not worth it? Does it feel like the end of the world?

If this is how you feel right now, then you need a great deal of shake up and reality check.

‘I know, I know’ -  you say – ‘I have already talked to my family and friends, and they all said the same thing. They all say that he was a jerk and I deserve better. They all agree that eventually my pain will go away and I’ll find someone else’.

This is true, but the minor problem with these reassuring comments is that they are projected into your future. They do not help with your current pain.

Today we will talk about your ‘here and now’. We will talk about your TODAY. Do you want to feel better today?

OK, then let’s get started.

Think of those who were diagnosed with stage 4 cancer today and were told they have only ‘x’ number of weeks or months to live. Think what was going through their mind. They were just told that their entire life is over. No amount of money, no love of any kind, no help of the most brilliant doctors in the world would change that.

They just got a verdict. The right to dream, the right to make long-term plans, the right to start over, the right to change their ways and do it differently, the right to choose a better place to live, to try different food, to travel etc – ALL of it was just taken away from these people today. Permanently. Terrible, right?

My question to you: would you like to exchange places with these people? And here is even a better one: would they rather be in your place instead? I bet!!!

Are you still sure that your life has no meaning because of some man who does not want to be with you? Does your breakup still feel like the end of the world after reading the above paragraph??

Unlike those terminally ill people you have a whole life ahead of you. You have a right to dream, to start over, to travel, to choose a place to live, to change jobs, to date, to dump other people, to make long-term plans, and to just live your life the way you want it. No one can take it away from you. Not even your breakup! Not even that man who does not want to be with you.

You have it all, at the bottom of your feet. And since you do not have ‘x’ number of months to live (how terrible!) you have a life time opportunity to make all those great things happen.

Let’s talk some more.

Think of those who cannot either hear or see, or those who are permanently crippled and are stuck in a wheelchair. I would assume that since you are reading this you are not blind, since you had enough of listening to their BS you are not deaf, and since you are physically separated from them you are able to freely use both of your feet.

Those who are blind, deaf, or in a wheelchair are restricted in many ways and it includes meeting new people. Can’t you see how incredibly blessed you are?  Since you are not restricted in any way you have more opportunities, more possibilities and more chances of getting what you want. They don’t and you do.

Would you rather be in their place??

I do not know what happened between you and that other person, but here is something else you may want to keep in mind. Your breakup would mean the end of the world if you were 89 years old, had a balding head, 2 front teeth missing, were walking with a stick, had mild dementia and suffered from severe incontinence. Yes, if you were this person then the chances of you finding someone else would be from slim to none and therefore that relationship would feel like it was your last chance.

Considering you are nothing like the described above, the man who does not want to be with you was definitely NOT your last chance. He was just one of many. Yes, it is true. He was just one of many.

With this perspective in mind it is easy to see how stupid it is to waste our emotional energy on someone who does not want to be with us. They do not deserve such attention! They do not deserve our focusing on them and our energy thinking of them. They are not worth having sleepless nights, anxiety, problems with health, and a ruined quality of our life. They are just soooo no worth it!

I say, wake up and smell the coffee. Today is your new day. You have the whole world at the bottom of your feet. Are you blind to see it?

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