I do not know why she broke up with me

“Everything seemed fine until one day… when she broke up with me. It has been one year and I still do not know why she left” – Nick from AUS.

Ok, let’s make it short and sweet, shall we?

Every time I hear the ‘everything was fine’ in conjunction with ‘I do not know why she broke up with me’ it scares me A LOT. It is like watching in horror a blind person trying to cross a very busy street - you watch them in disbelieve and just know that they won’t make it.

The first thing that comes to mind is: don’t they get that the street is full of cars? Can’t they hear them?? And then – where is their reasoning? Are they suicidal?

When everything seems fine but a woman breaks up with you,
then it means one and one thing only:
you are a blind pedestrian on a relationship journey.

You are blind or simply not capable of picking up on clues and signs warning that something is wrong. It could be your personality or a pure case of ignorance on your part.

Are you like this with other people too? Do you not notice changes in their mood or how they respond to your positive or hurtful remarks?

If your answer is YES, then not all is lost. If you cannot read people that well, then you need to be proactive in asking ‘what is wrong’ and what they feel. Simply explain that you are not good at reading between the lines and are not good at picking up on hints. Ask them to be open with you since this is the only way for you to know what is happening. Put that ball into their court and make it their responsibility to make you aware of how they feel.

Your not knowing why she broke up with you only confirms my suspicion: you are not a great communicator and never bothered to figure out what went wrong. Did you EVER ask her how she feels? Did you ever try to have an open communication with her? I guess you did not. Because if you did you would know the reason for your breakup.

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Dating older women – do the same rules still apply?

First things first, regardless of the age of a woman, there is one ‘rule’ that will always remain the same – making her feeling Special.

Making a woman special is not that difficult. Giving her flowers and sweet compliments, being attentive on a regular basis and being her Mr. Prince Charming – these are just a few but very effective ways to achieve this goal.

Now, when it comes to dating older women there is one thing for you to understand: she is not just an ‘older’ woman, she is a WISER woman who has very low tolerance for BS.

When it comes to dating older women here is what you should keep in mind:

~ Lots of stunts that you could pull off on younger women with success will fail with older women

~ Older women are not as desperate to settle down and therefore have very low tolerance for B.S.

~ Some of them have negative baggage which in return may negatively affect your relationship with them

~ It may take much longer to earn their trust

~ Most of them are not dating to get married or to have children. They are dating to enjoy their life with a great companion - someone who is great to be with and someone they can trust.

In order to date an older woman successfully
you should be prepared to show your true genuine self.
She has already been through all the fireworks, games, shady behaviors, and
is NOT looking for more.

Any attempt to play games with her will fail miserably and you may want to think twice before doing something that will ruin her trust for good. Older women have no problems discarding anything that stinks like a jerk.

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