Why she may be upset with you

It is true that sometimes women need to do a better job communicating their misgivings. Rather than being upfront about what is wrong, they clam up instead, leaving you alone wondering what happened and what you did wrong this time again. Sooo, frustrating, isn’t it??

In my experience, when a woman gets upset with a man it means that he did or said something wrong.

Below are the common missteps men make in relationships that upset women all the time. Even if she is the coolest girlfriend you have ever had, she is still a woman and yes, these points will still apply. Women are very sensitive to these things!

Let’s start with the classic one: forgetting her birthday. Acknowledging her birthday is a must if you want to score points. Making a big fuss over it is even better. Give her flowers, treat her to a nice lunch or dinner, give a cute gift. Just do something!

Making funny comments about her body parts, looks or weight. Many women are insecure and joking about it is a cruel thing to do. Do not comment on her small breasts, big butt, bad hair or extra pounds. You got her number, took her out on a date, and you SAW it all before moving things forward, right? If so, then why making comments now? If big butts, bad hair, small breasts, etc are deal breakers for you, then do not date such women.

It is the same as if you were bald and a woman you date were making negative comments about it, stating that she does not like bald men. Why date bald men then in the first place?? Why hurt them like this?

Moving things forward with a woman (like dating regularly and having sex) and keeping your online profile active at the same time. Women are very sensitive about it. Please understand that among 100+ emails from different men she picked yours. She chose you! Choosing her too means deactivating your online profile. Not ready for a 1x1 relationship? Let her know! Do not lie “Oh, I forgot to remove it” or “That profile? That’s nothing, do not worry about it”.

Women get upset over active profiles. They do not understand what it means plus it leads to loss of trust. This is not the best way to start a relationship, is it?

Talking to another woman. Your staying in a regular contact with another woman will never go well with your current woman. No matter how cool she pretends to be, it will eat her deep inside. We do not always want to look vulnerable and insecure and let me tell you this: if she had a choice between two identical men, where one talks to another woman and the other does not she would pick the latter one. 100% guaranteed.

Relationships are stressful enough. Having some other woman lurking in the background will not help make things ‘better’ or ‘easier’ for you two. Why complicate things unnecessarily?

Letting yourself go. Remember those times when a woman did not smell good during intimate moments and you were afraid to say something? The same goes for women.

Also, remember those times when she stopped being dolled up, switched from high heels to flip-flops, from nice feminine dresses to shapeless t-shirts and stopped wearing makeup? Did it feel weird?

I know that some guys do not care about these things but guess what? ALL women do care.

They care how you look, what you wear, and your overall visual image. Women are pickier in this department.

Saying “do not worry about it” when she comes to you to talk. When women are upset they need to let it all out. It helps them to cope with negative emotions. It is just the way women are wired. Saying “oh, no worries, it will work out” and walking away is the gravest mistake a man can make in a relationship. Not listening to a woman when she needs to talk will eventually lead to a breakup. This is very serious, guys.

The opposite is also true: the more she can talk to you, the more she will love you. Remember the famous Casanova who seduced over 400 women? Do you know how he did it? By listening to them!

Not being helpful and waiting for her to ask for help. It is a strange thing, but women assume that it is a man’s job to suggest help. Do not wait around on her asking for help, it may never happen. Come and ask what you can do for her. She will gladly tell you. We want a man to step forward for us!

Woman: I need help with these large buckets of laundry. Why won’t he come pick them up?
Me: Does he know you need his help?
Woman: Can’t he see it himself? Can’t he see how full and heavy they are and how difficult it is for me to even lift them??

That’s what I am talking about, guys. Women want you to know.

Doing the same thing over and over knowing it upsets her. Whatever that is, you probably already know. Unhappy women get vocal about things they do not like. If instead of fixing the issue (or making it less severe) you decide to ignore the problem, she may very well eventually kick you to the curb. It all depends on the severity of the issue, the stress level and the frequency it occurs.

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