How to break up with a crazy woman (with script included)

When a woman you are with acts like a crazy psycho, your romance naturally turns into mud and of course all you want is to get out.

Although, you may have experience of breaking up with other people in a past, deep down you sense that breaking up with a crazy woman may require ‘a different approach’.

You sense that if you were to do it your ‘usual way’, without taking ‘special precautions’, there would be major consequences for you... and for her. And, in case you are on the analytical side, it may even feel like staying with a nut case is still a better choice because the emotional and physical damages of breaking up would be way more severe than the ones you are currently experiencing while in the relationship.

Just to make sure what kind of a woman we are talking about here. Below are the traits of a crazy woman.

A crazy woman:

~ is emotionally unstable with a lot of ups and downs
~ is unable to control negative emotions such as anger or frustration. May damage your property in a rage.
~ is verbally or physically abusive
~ lives in chaos
~ is excessively needy, insecure, controlling, and smothering. Is jealous for no reason and requires constant reassurance.
~ blames YOU for her bad mood
~ unpredictable in a bad way
~ shows up uninvited
~ snoops through your phone, your social media accounts, and goes through your belongings
~ may blackmail you or say she is ‘probably pregnant’

You may naturally feel like:

~ there is a rope around your neck which gets tighter every time you refuse to walk on eggshells
~ you are stuck in a sticky mud
~ you missed red flags in the beginning and are blaming yourself for what is happening now
~ questioning our own sanity.

The only difference between breaking up with a normal person and a nut case is the level of reasoning involved. You have to remember that there is a reason she is a nut case. The biggest mistake you may make here is to try reasoning with the unreasonable. You do NOT reason with unreasonable people. They won’t listen and they won’t change.

Actually, your trying to reason with a crazy person puts a question mark over your own ability to reason… see what I mean? As the saying goes – do not wrestle with a pig, bystanders may not notice the difference.

I call this tactic a ‘clean break’. You can successfully use it on other women as well, but it is the only method to use when breaking up with a crazy woman.

To make your breakup effective you need to understand woman’s psychology. You can read more about it here. The below note (aka a breakup letter) utilizes this knowledge. You do not need to understand all the ‘why’-s behind it, simply copy-paste this note to any of your devices and hit the ‘send’ button.

The reason we are doing it the digital way vs. in person is obvious. You do not want to deal with her hysterical reaction. The note she will get and THEN your behavior confirming the contents of the note will be enough for her ‘to get it’. Sending her a note gives you an opportunity to say everything you need to say without being interrupted. She, on the other hand, will have an opportunity to read and re-read it many times and have plenty of time to process it.

“Dear (insert her name here),

Relationships require time, emotional investment, and an effort, and I have come to conclusion that I do not feel like doing any of this. I came to conclusion that this relationship is not working for me and I do not want to be your boyfriend. I do not want to discuss this whole thing further which in itself shows that I have no interest in trying to make this relationship work. This relationship has no value to me, I do not feel attraction anymore, and I hope you have enough pride and dignity not to go after a man who is not interested. Again, I do not want to be your boyfriend and my decision is final. I will not be returning your calls, text messages or emails. Thank you.”

And now comes the important part. AFTER SENDING OUT THIS NOTE – block her on your social media accounts, block her email address, her phone number (or change your own) and adhere to a ZERO CONTACT routine.

The last point is very important. I studied the behavior of stalkers and it has been my observation that crazy women DO exhibit stalker-ish tendencies. The only way to get rid of emotionally unstable stalkers is to NEVER respond. EVER. Having zero contact is the only way to get rid of them for good.

If you respond with "just this one time", you will regret it big time. Why? Because this time you won’t be dealing with your ordinary crazy woman, you will be dealing with an agitated, on the edge, psychotic person who represents danger to you and others. Plus, your talking to her again will cancel out everything you said in your breakup letter. You will not win the ‘maybe if I explain it to her one more time’ battle.

Stay calm and ignore her attempts to contact you no matter how tempting. She will eventually fade out.

P. S. If you feel like you need to talk to someone because your situation is too unique and most of the stuff you read on the internet is too generic and not helpful, then I would personally like to recommend you this super affordable online counseling service.

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