Obedient and disobedient men

This is an interesting phenomenon you do not read much about, but it exists and it is very useful to be aware of when deciding on your future mate.

Overall, all men can be divided in two big categories: obedient and disobedient ones.

AN OBEDIENT MAN IS A MAN WHO HAS BEEN CONDITIONED TO LISTEN TO A WOMAN. He tends to be agreeable and often goes along with his woman on many things. This kind of men also tends to treat women with respect and does not bother with lengthy arguing (with a woman) over little petty things.

Please don't be mistaken by this description. He is not a wimp and he is not a momma's boy! He could be a successful CEO or a major business owner, but when it comes to him, while being with you, he will let you have an upper hand. It is all very subtle ladies, but you will soon know if you pay attention.

A disobedient man, if I could describe this type in one word, is a ‘stubborn’ man. He is a rebel by nature and is like a little kid who argues and fights just to prove his point. If you are not into fights you may discover that he rules the entire relationship and your opinion or advice are neither wanted nor appreciated.

These men tend to have little to no respect for women, quite often are immature and are difficult to live with. Mind you, ladies, he does not have to be a leader at work or in life. He could be just a plumber with an associate degree or some regular employee who reports to a supervisor, but when it comes to relationships with women he is like a prickly, argumentative, and disobedient porcupine. He always seems to be in this defensive mode, as if you are going to take away something from him.

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Some more examples:

~ Changing plans or voicing what you want is easy with an obedient man - he wants you to be happy. The disobedient one may not agree or argue over suggested change. He does not even think about making you happy, all he thinks about is himself and 'winning' the argument.

~ It is 'his way or the highway' with a disobedient man. He likes to have an upper hand and he will make sure you know it. In contrast, the obedient man will cooperate to come up with a mutually beneficial solution.

~ Obedient men take into account your wishes and desires; they are aiming to please. Disobedient men are so out of touch with your emotional state, all they think about is their own emotional well-being.

~ Obedient men go along and cooperate, are flexible and easy to be with. Disobedient men are just the opposite - inflexible, will not go along, will not cooperate, and are difficult to deal with.

Stay away from disobedient men, this type of a man will never make you feel like 'The One'.

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