Do not date JERKS!

Did you know that men tend to behave the same way with every woman they get involved with (at a given time)?


~ If he calls you 'baby' and gives you flowers on your birthdays, rest assured he was doing the same thing to his ex - called her 'baby' and giving her flowers
~ If he was cheating on her 3 times - there is a super high chance he will cheat on you too
~ If he was by her bedside when she was sick - rest assured you will find him by your bedside when recovering from surgery
~ If he was calling her regularly, you will be getting attention on a regular basis as well
~ If he was treating his previous woman nice - you will enjoy being treated nicely too
~ If he was a jerk with her, then he will be a jerk with you too!

It only proves a corny but simple truth - People Do Not Change

These are some traits and behaviors of Jerks & Assclowns:

~ Treats you with disrespect and thinks nothing of it
~ Calls you names and makes you feel bad about yourself
~ Downplays your feelings especially when you are upset
~ Checks out other women in your presence
~ Sexual douche bag - cares about his own satisfaction only
~ Will disappear and reappear without explanation
~ Will juggle 2 women at once and lie to both of them
~ When on a date, will flirt with other women in front of you
~ He becomes a source of most of your negative emotions
~ You constantly wish he was treating you better

The list could go on and on, but the bottom line is - once a jerk always a jerk! And guess what? You do not have to put up with this!

An Assclown is an undesirable type of a man who is hunting for his pray - a woman with low self-esteem. A woman with low self-esteem will latch on to any man who gives her even the slightest bit of attention.

She is desperate for love and her radar is broken – it will not scan the man in front of her, it will not give away warnings of danger, and it will not tell her to turn around and walk away. Just like a moth flying towards the fire, she will embrace and accept the man regardless of who he is only to get burned later.

The danger of it is that neither her nor him are willing to learn from such negative experiences: regardless of their multiple failed relationships jerks will still remain jerks, and women with low self esteem will keep dating them.

In other words, thanks to women with low self-esteem, jerks have an opportunity to date, form relationships, and sometimes to get married too. It is almost like these two dysfunctional types are created for each other - a perfectly toxic match of two people playing out their own, uniquely identified roles to sustain the unhappy union.

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And what happens when he meets a woman with healthy self-esteem? A balanced, emotionally healthy woman will kick this type of a man to the curb. She will be highly inconvenienced and annoyed with all the discomfort he is causing her. She will have zero tolerance for someone who exhibits such low-class behavior.

Her radar is not broken and she loves herself enough not to get involved with just anyone who expresses interest in her. Like  shopping at a market when you separate rotten apples from the good ones, she does the exact same thing with every man who crosses her path.

Would you put a rotten apple in your shopping basket? Would you buy and eat it too? Sure you would not! No matter how hungry, you would not even want those rotten apples for free! This is what selective ladies do – they avoid toxic jerks as if they were rotten apples that would make them feel sick.

And by the way, do not even think for a moment you could change him. If you have to explain to a grown man what is right and what is wrong, then there is something very wrong with this man.

With this being said, the minute you realize who you are dealing with all you need to do is to walk away. This type of a man will give you nothing but misery and stress, will put you on an emotional roller coaster ride, and will further damage your fragile ego.

As an FYI, stress causes wrinkles and speeds up the aging process. If nothing else is motivating enough, this should really make you stop and think - ‘Do I want to look 10 years older after spending 3 years with a JERK?'

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