When you are the other woman

So, if you were the other woman would you rather know it?

You see, some women out there have no idea they are the other woman. These con artists men are capable of unimaginable tricks to play two women at the same time.

Whether you are aware of your status or not, one thing is clear – this is an unhappy situation to be in. For YOU.

Some weak, immature, and selfish men think that having two women makes them a powerful man.

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Having two women is an ego boost for him and an ego suicide for you. These men are weak, and having two women at the same time exposes their worst character flows imaginable!

Only weak and selfish men will resort to the following:

~ He is incapable talking to his current woman about issues and problems that bother him. This is because he is a weak coward and scared to rock the boat. Verdict: HE IS NOT A STRONG MAN

~ He is not capable on working on relationship issues

~ He chooses the selfish way out – finding someone else on the side (YOU!)

~ He lies to both women

~ His heart does not truly belong to either of his 2 women. All he cares about his own heart and well-being

~ He does not want to break up with either of the women because having 2 of you suits him really well!

~ He is blinded by his own selfishness, therefore, do not expect him to feel compassion or deep sympathy regarding what kind of pain you are in.

~ He knows he is doing something wrong, but since having 2 women suits him pretty well, he is NOT MOTIVATED TO MAKE A CHANGE. Hint: do not waste your time waiting on him to make a choice, it is YOU the unhappy party here, not him.

~ The minute you try to push him to make a choice he cries like a baby and swears on his knees that he will do just that – stay with you and you only. Oh yeah… any idea where he was the other night? A news flash – with her! His knees are so sore now! Can you imagine him standing on those knees in front of two women periodically?

A woman who dumps the loser will become a double winner.

First major winning point: you will finally be free from this humiliating and disgraceful situation. What a great sense of liberation! Now you can sleep well and look forward to a better future.

Second major winning point: by dumping him you lost nothing. You just freed yourself from a weak man with a serious incurable character flaw. Juggling two women is his pattern, and patterns tend to last for a life time. Your being the other woman or main woman in his life - no matter how you twist it - is not going to work, and is not a way to be in a relationship.

"But if I leave she will have him all to herself!" – you scream. No! The minute you leave, he will start looking to fill the empty slot because whatever original issues he has been having with her are still there. He is too weak to address those issues or break up with her completely, therefore, he will always be on a look out to compensate for whatever is missing in his current semi-relationship.

And if you think you had a satisfying relationship with him think again – if it was true and he felt a complete 100% satisfaction of being with you and you only, he would have broken up with her a long time ago.


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