How to be lucky in love 

Why is it that some mediocre, next door, and down to earth Melanie gets to marry her high school sweetheart and you, the beautiful, educated, sweet, and smart woman, have to go through kissing many frogs, multiple failed relationships and breakups, and still searching for your Mr. Right??

What is it about her and what is it that she is doing that you are not? Is it just pure luck, does she have a secret?

What is it???

Call it a secret, a strategy or whatever you wish, I am just about to show you what those Melanies are made of.

Below is the list of behaviors and traits that Next Door Melanie tends to possess. While going through the list, try to compare those behaviors and actions to your own.

Are you the exact opposite? Are you willing to learn from that Melanie to have more success in dating and relationships? If your answer is 'Yes!' then let's get started.

~ When she meets a new guy and exchanges numbers with him, she NEVER calls him first. She is busy feeding her cat.

~ When she is on a date she is nice, relaxed, talks about interesting events, and laughs at his jokes. She is not trying hard to impress. Actually, she is not trying anything AT ALL.

~ As the dating progresses, she is still the same funny and relaxing lady as she used to be on a first date. NATURALLY.

~ Since there was no commitment made she is accepting dates from other gentlemen. She is not obsessing over anyone in particular and just goes with the flow. She just enjoys the process.

~ Commitment-phobics, cheaters, and jerks have no chance with her. All the stunts they may try to pull out on her will be ineffective - she simply will NOT ENGAGE.

~ When a man disappears on her she forgets his name and his phone number. She is busy planning an upcoming shopping event with her girlfriends.

~ If a man does not treat her nice she will not make any drama over it, she just removes him from her busy calendar. FOREVER.

~ When in a relationship, she still maintains all her hobbies, he is neither her center of attention nor her top priority. Her life remains balanced.

~ If he forgets to call, she leaves it as it is. Who knows, maybe he had a breakdown at work? Maybe he wants to be alone?

~ If she is one of your girlfriends, you will never hear her crying over some man 'who should treat her better'.

~ You also will never hear her complaining about being constantly stood-up, lied to or being disappointed about multiple broken promises.

~ She can really stand up for herself! He will either learn to treat her nice or will be dumped.

~ When he disappears on her she moves on with her life too.

~ On-again-off-again men are not good husband material. She removes the 'on' part and lets him be the 'off' for ETERNITY. Good riddance!

~ She will not date one man for a decade. It is maximum 2 years, and if he is still not ready to commit or there is no clear plan in place, she moves on to other prospects.

~ Dating her feels fun and easy. It is never work for either her or her man.

~ She will not chase after men who show little to no interest. She only goes on a date with those who express ACTIVE interest in her.

~ She does not prolong dates, it is up to him to suggest.

~ She will not sleep with him on a first date. SHE DOES NOT SLEEP WITH STRANGERS.

~ She never asks about the status of a relationship, she enjoys it as it is, and goes with the flow.

~ In 'as a matter of fact manner' she will say it as it is, not worrying about losing him or 'rocking the boat'. She can live without him.

~ She never asks 'Why didn't you call?' or 'Where have you been?'. He is the one asking her these questions.

~ She is so absorbed in her life, interests, and hobbies that HE feels lucky being squeezed into her busy schedule.

~ She is a very positive person, she likes people and she likes men. She treats every man who enters her life with niceness and respect.

~ She knows what she wants, and will ask for it. If he cannot provide or deliver, she simply moves on. No time wasted on losers.

~ She moves forward with her life, and if he is willing to chime in, she will gladly say 'Yes'.

~ Once she is married, she is still the same Melanie she was on a first date - cheerful, positive, and happy.

As you can see, there IS something about our Next Door Melanie, and this something is - she puts her heart and herself first. Isn't it simple??

As she puts herself first, she naturally repels wrong guys FOR HER. At the same time, she has an opportunity to stay with only those who treat her nice and take an extra effort to be in her company. Men tend to feel more relaxed in the presence of a woman who is not super-focused on them or obsessed with their every move. They do enjoy spending time with such women and therefore they value them more.

As a little bonus advice, I suggest if there is such a Melanie among your friends, then if possible, go out with her to different social events and watch her ways of interacting and behaving among men.

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