You, him, and his money

Believe it or not, but when it comes to Him, his Money, and Relationships, these 3 ingredients are intertwined in a subtle, but quite powerful manner. Once you know what to look for, you will know his attitude towards relationships overall, and your relationship with him in particular.

Besides, you may even know where you stand without bringing this up or even saying a single word!

Ladies, listen carefully here: his attitude towards his own money = his attitude towards romantic relationships. And just to make the point clear, I'll present you with two, perhaps a bit extreme, but clear examples of what it is all about.

A man, who is frugal and conservative with his spending habits, someone who knows how to budget money and grow life long assets, will have the same attitude towards relationships.

If you are involved with such a gentleman, he will treat your relationship on a very serious level, will err on conservative side, and will think ten times before making a drastic change. He is conservative (translation: loyal) with his money, and he will be exhibiting loyal attitude towards your relationship as well. Now, if you see him being like this with money but not with you, it is a sign he is not treating your relationship seriously. It is casual for him, and he knows it. Now you know too.

On another hand, if a man does not obsess over every dollar spent, not interested in growing assets, irrational with his expenses and spending habits, does not mind to gamble here and there, losing some $$ in the process and making no grief over it, he is a flake. His flaky attitude towards his own money = flaky attitude towards romantic relationships. If he is not responsible with his own money, do not expect him to be a responsible partner in life!

In the above examples it applies to all men regardless of whether they are super wealthy, wealthy, middle class or poor, it is their overall attitude towards their own money that is telling. Most men will fall in between those two categories, and although getting to know someone takes time, his attitude towards money is something that manifests itself very early in dating relationships. All you need is to observe and draw your own conclusions.

As a bonus advice, I would also suggest to take a look at his shopping habits. If he has special shopping habits i.e. selects (and buys) items in a certain manner it could also mean that he approaches and selects women in a certain manner as well.

At a first glance you may think that all men shop in the same manner but actually they do not!

~ Those men who shop in expensive stores and purchase the best quality items they can afford, are men who have high standards and are on the lookout for top quality women. As they are picky about the stores they are shopping at, expect them to be this picky and finicky with the kind of a woman they are looking to date.

~ Men who are impulsive buyers tend to have items they either never wear or wear only once. These impulsive candidates have issues with self-control, and when it comes to selection of women, their impulsivity plays a big part in their picking process and what they do with those women afterwards. ‘He likes me, he likes me not’ – is the typical feeling of ladies who were wined and dined on a first date and suddenly forgotten by the second.

Impulsive buyers usually belong to the category of emotional people, and emotional people are UNPREDICTABLE people. He picked you on a whim, he liked you at that moment and this is the way he felt at that time. As another day or week rolled in, the Mr. Poor Impulse Control stopped feeling the way he felt which means he did not feel like going out with you anymore. In his mind you were like that shirt he carelessly discarded after wearing only once.

~ Men who buy and value extraordinary, exotic, and rare things tend to possess above average IQ levels and find themselves getting bored with most of the women pretty quickly. You have to possess certain qualities to sustain the interest of such men. They do not just introduce any woman they meet to their exquisite world, they will do so only with those they are pretty sure are worthy of such a privilege.

~ Men who let a woman shop for them are the relaxed types who do not mind women making final decisions or running an entire household. They are happy with everything a woman buys which means they are not that super selective or picky in dating either. They will like most of the women they date, will enjoy their company, and may even marry one of them too. Unlike the picky ones, they will simply appreciate what is in front of them and will not bother with a detailed list of ‘musts’ and ‘haves’.

~ Well off and financially secure men constantly looking for bargains, deals, sales, and huge discounts are the stingy, calculating types that are extremely practical and rigid. They will date and marry only and only if it makes practical sense to them. Their looking to buy something by paying almost nothing could also indicate that they are prone to taking advantage of others. In dating it may manifest itself via wasting women’s time by stringing them along. Another thing to keep in mind: financially greedy men are emotionally greedy men. They will neither shower you with occasional presents nor with compliments and love.

While reading all this you may wonder whether there is scientific proof or the results of official polls to back up these statements.

My answer to this is the following: with great observation skills and analytical ability to connect the dots, one will have no problems reading and understanding people. For example: would you question the kindness of a man who takes care of homeless animals in a shelter? If you are looking to date a compassionate and understanding individual then look no further.

Another example: what would you think of a man who spends tons of money on expensive hobbies but has difficulties paying his regular bills? Yes, he is a reckless, unwise spender but it also means that he is a poor planner, immature, lives in the moment, unorganized, and not reliable.

See what I mean?

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