What every man and woman want. Are you in a dream come true relationship?

Below is a dreamy wish list of what every man and woman would want in a relationship. It is certainly a “dreamy” wish list because let’s face it, how often do you see this happening?

On the other hand, it is not that terribly unrealistic because dreams do come true, and sometimes we are lucky enough to have met that special one.

Read on and see it for yourself. Are you in a dream come true relationship?

We want to be accepted for who we are. This is where insecurities and fears come from: “What if they get to know me better and stop loving me?”, “What if they learn more about me and get disappointed? I would rather not pursue it at all then…”, “They will break up with me anyway, why bother?”

We want to be loved unconditionally. We want to be loved forever and always.

We want to be praised and admired. Unlike admiration that inspires and elevates, criticism kills butterflies and love. We want to be admired for what we do and who we are. We want to be praised for our deeds and ideas. Even if it is something small and insignificant, we still want to be noticed and recognized.

We want to be heard. There is nothing lonelier than the feeling of not being heard. ‘Yeah yeah” – they respond and then go on talking about their stuff. At that point, you already know they put zero effort into listening to what you had to say. We want to be heard because this is what creates connection.

We want to be noticed and we like attention. Attention makes us feel special! It makes us feel like we matter and like we are important. Being constantly ignored or feeling like we are not that important kills love.

We want to be number one. We want to be their number one at all times. We want them to cancel things to be with us, put us ahead of other matters, to make exceptions for us, and do everything to make things happen. We just want that feeling… the feeling of being number one and the feeling of being The One.

We want to be forgiven. We know we are not perfect and we know we make mistakes, however, we want to be forgiven for everything wrong we do. We want to be forgiven and our misdeeds to be forgotten. We do not want to be blamed, punished, or criticized. All we want is for you to forget and move on. And, we do not want to be reminded of it.

Should we do something wrong, we want to be gently guided and coached to correct the issue. We want to be good for you too! We need your acceptance and friendly help for us to get there.

We want you to be patient with us.
Unconditional patience is what will bond us forever. Whatever it is – we want you to be patient. Just be patient and things won’t get worse or break down. Please know, it is not our intention to annoy you or give you discomfort. All we need is your patience.

When it is time to compromise we would like you to take our side. We want you to see our point of view and agree with us. If you still insist on your way, then we would like to know the reason. We want to understand your motives too. Compromising or negotiating should not be a complicated or a drown out process.  Fighting and negative emotions kill love.

We want to be reminded that you love us. We want to hear it often or almost every day. It gives us reassurance that nothing has changed and we are still ‘cool’ as a couple. We want to feel safe and secure. Your frequent ‘I Love you’-s will satisfy this need. Please remember to love us. We will never get tired of you loving us and voicing it out.

We want you to entertain us. Be it a good story, a creative plan, or something else, we want to feel stimulated and positive. We like to laugh!

We want to be cared for and tended for. Whether it is a headache, bad mood, or something else – we want unconditional care and support. We want you to be there for us at all times. As a matter of fact, we want you to drop everything and come to the rescue. It is so comforting to know that there is a human out there who cares for us this deeply.

We want to see it in your eyes - the joy of seeing us, the desire to talk to us, the ‘I miss you’ feelings, etc. We want to see it in your eyes. We want to know you are for real too.

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