Describe your ideal woman. What is your ideal woman like? – anonymous poll of men

Hello Ladies. This one took a while to complete. Most men are not into ‘this stuff’, if you know what I mean. Below are unmodified and unchanged answers from men. Again, the poll had only one question – to describe an ideal woman. Enjoy!

W: A woman who is confident and knows her worth. One who has self-esteem, and enjoys someone who can make her happy, and do the same.

R: One that likes sex. One that likes hot, sexy text/chatting. One that likes to trade hot, explicit pics…

F: My ideal woman is someone who is confident, can hold her own in almost any situation, is not a subordinate nor a superior but an equal. She is intelligent, educated, can fit in with regular folks and also feels comfortable rubbing elbows with people who think they are important. Takes care of herself and is attractive.She is inquisitive. She may have strong opinions but is willing to be open. She’s honest

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C: My ideal woman is compassionate, likes to be playful, loves to cook along side of me, she’s adventurous in and out of the bedroom, she’s classy in public , but naughty behind closed doors. She’s not afraid to take risks, and the most important is she doesn’t need a man, she just wants one to be her partner!

J: Mature non pressuring. Full of desire and passion who loves to touch and be touched. A woman that likes to be sensual and sexy on any occasion.

T: Of course I could...but, it's kind of irrelevant - only because the physical attributes change with the wind. But a good heart, that never changes

F: Genuine. Real. That is a great place to start. A woman who isn't fake and understands herself and knows what she wants. Someone who is goal oriented and motivated. Someone adventurous and exciting.

B: Ideal woman would have to have a smile that can light up a room. A sense of humor that can take witty banter. I like an adventurous and a spontaneous woman who does not take life too seriously.

R: My ideal woman would be charming, intellectual curious, adventurous, fit and sensual with a great laugh and a warm heart. Oh, and my ideal woman loves kissing!

P: My ideal woman is confident, happy with herself, not afraid to be herself. Someone who enjoys sex, not ashamed or afraid of sharing her intimate thoughts and desires. Someone who can communicate but also understands silence can be golden.

A: Curvy, great smile, passionate and loves to laugh, drama free

D: Two very important aspects of the ideal woman…first we have appearance…I don’t need to go into a great deal of detail on this for you…just go to the nearest mirror…next, it’s the heart/soul combo that is exactly what sets one extremely beautiful hot and sexy woman apart from all the others…a heart for God…at very least for all people, unselfish, loving, caring, attentive, affectionate, passionate, a person who is loved and respected by others, a genuine person, a loving heart, a beautiful friend…and…at least a working knowledge of the male anatomy LOL!

B: I'm not really picky or selective about my ideal woman. I just ask for mutual respect, compassion, submissive, unselfish and of course, beautiful. That's what's I want in a lady.

W: Ideally she will be submissive.

A: As for some of the ideals that come to my mind first: Someone who is non-judgmental and has a sense of adventure. Not jealous, but also not a pushover. Beautiful whether wearing a pair of Pajamas or an Evening Gown. Absolutely must have good hygiene as I am very sensitive to smell. Must love to travel and explore.

J: Great smile, laugh, and attitude!

B: I'm not really picky or selective about my ideal woman. I just ask for mutual respect, compassion, submissive, unselfish and of course, beautiful. That's what's I want in a lady.

N: Someone who is confident, takes care of herself physically, mentally, financially, and doesn't need constant validation. Someone who can be both assertive and submissive, as the situation dictates. Someone who gives without worry of reciprocation, because she trusts her giving is appreciated and that "keeping score" isn't necessary... for starters.

J: Oh goodness…”perfect” if there was such would simply be of little interest to me! I much prefer a few flaws. Yet a lady with quick wit, a dusting of sarcasm… ….a firm heart shaped tush with legs to the ceiling, who stays fit and enjoys informed conversation while breathing my air absolutely melts my heart… And she would completely enjoy sharing and living out each others fantasies…..endlessly with refined class!

E: I like smart, funny women who are also passionate when it counts. I don't have an "ideal" type, I guess. Someone who loves fun and a little adventure.

K: My perfect woman with class outside the bedroom and slutty in bed

M: Classy for one. Clean. Petite. Skinny. Soft. Sexy. When it comes to sincerity and intelligence, I can’t be beat.

V: Mmmm. let say she is a combination of Lady D (Diana, Princess of Wales) and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis 😉

F: My ideal woman is intelligent, warm, funny and affectionate. A woman who likes to enjoy life and travel.

H: What would my perfect woman be like? Very good question! Well, there is no such thing as a perfect woman or human being. I would say, a woman who is honest, loyal, and would let her man honor, cherish and take care of her for the rest of her life.

K: My ideal woman would be someone who is missing that excitement and is looking for someone with the same interests. Someone who loves to laugh and enjoy the finer things in life. A woman that is confident and witty.

S: Finding the "Perfect" person is very difficult and in my humble opinion, impossible. However, if there are basic traits characteristics I have found compatible: Strong, Independent, high degree of integrity and character, funny, smart, can laugh at herself, is kind to others, non-judgmental, comfortable in her own skin, can express her sexual wants and desires freely, likes to explore new places, new ideas, new things (personally, sexually, professionally). I know it may sound like a lot, but some things overlap.

S: I want a woman who wants to be lead, but doesn't mean your a follower. Just because I'm taking control, I want any women I'm seeing know, her self worth and importants. I want her to have dreams and make a plan to attain them.

M: Someone that knows what she wants and appreciates when I give it to her. Someone that can take care of themselves but enjoys being feminine, girlie and pampered. Finds equal pleasure in long make out sessions on the couch with lots of flesh on flesh and a passionate quickie someplace daring. TMI? Someone that understands what I want and finds joy in giving it to me.

T: Ideal woman genuine, sensitive, good sense of humor, fine wine drinker, sensuous, good kisser, well read, curious….

S: She is confident, comfortable in her skin, believes in beauty inside of imperfection, loves to be desired, loves to show her desire, her want for her man, wants to be taken, over and over, with passion and excitement, until she orgasms over and over again, craving her lover, unable to be satisfied, salacious in want, her lover reading her body, touching small hidden corners of her soul, making his needs second to hers, wanting her more than she'll ever know, providing the deep dark pleasures she keeps hidden, things she wants to experience, but only he will know, her lover captured by her lust, held by her wants, his sole purpose to please and be pleased by her and her cravings.

J: Someone that is classy and knows there worth. Someone fun and exciting.

B: I've learned not to put high expectations on a person that will not meet my standards. I keep it simple and to the point. Sexy, beautiful. respectful. unselfish. caring. funny. open minded. Nothing too much to ask for

G: Classy and attractive, and beautiful inside

A: My ideal woman can find joy in a quiet conversation over coffee, tea, or wine. Enjoys laughter and being a bit silly. Thinks ideas about the world or life are fascinating. Knows how to be discreet. When it comes to intimacy, she knows how to move her hands delicately over the skin. Who finds kissing as an erotic expression they must be felt throughout an intimate moment.

B: Honest. Caring. Not controlling and manipulative. Smart. Energetic. My last relationship. 4 years. Was treated like I was a cheater. Her ex cheated on her. So frustrating!

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