Cheating husbands

Cheating husbands usually fit into one of the two categories: 1) he feels bored and just needs some excitement on the side 2) he has an unmet need, and this need is usually craving for more sex than he is currently getting at home, or maybe not even getting it at all.

I can see already women shaking their heads saying "my husband would never do this to me". I hear this a lot... from cheating husbands. That's what most of them say, "she has no idea I would do this" or "I have a lot to lose, there is no way she can find out".

Yes, these men are TERRIFIED of the thought of their wives finding out about their cheating. Considering that our current divorce laws tend to take the woman's side, you can understand how hard these men are trying to hide their indiscretions. It is serious stuff, ladies.

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Nevertheless, like moths drawn to flames, thousands and thousands of married men join various dating websites to meet someone special. You would be pleasantly surprised but in 99% of cases these married men are NOT looking to leave their wives, they are just looking to fulfill their unsatisfied needs. It sounds very selfish but it is what it is.

If he wanted to leave, he would have already asked you for divorce. He has not asked for divorce, and HE IS TRYING VERY HARD TO KEEP HIS STRAYING A SECRET, so in his mind, he is protecting you (your feelings and well-being) and your relationship. It's not like I am trying to make you feel better, it's just to show the other side of the story.

Let's take a closer look at those 2 categories.

1) Players, womanizers, and immature men tend to fall into this category. They are never satisfied with any relationship! They are always searching and they are always on the look out. Being married does not change anything - their wondering eye will keep scanning every passing by female on the street, and they will jump into any opportunity. They are charmers and they know how to talk to females. Over all, they are happy, in love with their wife, and not looking to leave the relationship. 10% of cheating husbands belong to this category.

2) The largest amount of men belong to this category. Men in this category are unhappy men. If you refused him intimacy several times in a row, if you refused to indulge in his fantasies, or if you refused to dress up or role play, believe me, he's already had thoughts about doing all this with someone else. Now, add lack of appreciation for what he provides, and you have a recipe for disaster!

Men are really simple (and selfish) creatures. If he cannot get what he needs badly at home, he will start looking around to get it somewhere else.

To give you perspective, physical intimacy for a man is like emotional closeness for a woman. Men need sex to feel close to a woman, and women need deep emotional support and understanding to be close to a man. Refusing intimacy with your husband is like him turning away from you when you are in need to talk about emotional issues. Imagine wanting to talk to him about something that has been bothering you for a while and him saying 'not this week dear, I'm not in the mood to listen to what you have got to say'. Would his refusal to listen make you feel rejected?

And now, imagine him refusing to listen and neglecting your feelings on a regular basis, how would it make you feel? The same way HE FEELS WHEN HE HEARS YOUR 'NO' - neglected, lonely, rejected, and unloved.

This website is mostly for ladies only, but if you are a man who is reading this article, I hope you have just learned something useful as well. Please keep in mind, that a female's sexual organ is her brain. Giving her compliments, making her feel special, and treating her like 'The One' will make her want you on a physical level (every player and womanizer knows this secret!). On another hand - being rude, insulting, and abusive, shuts her sexuality down and you have nothing to gain but disappointment and frustration.

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