Attraction killers for men

Do you ladies agree that anonymous polling is the best way to get to the bottom of the TRUTH?

That’s what I am thinking too AND that is why I came up with an idea of conducting an anonymous poll to find out why men lose attraction to particular women.

Well, I am done with my research and anonymous polling and ready to present the results!

The good news is that 99% of polled men never mentioned anything about a woman’s looks. In other words, if you think you are not attractive enough, do not have good hair, a perfect figure, etc, in the end of the day - when it comes to a male’s attraction - it does not matter!

Hard to believe? I know! We have all been conditioned to believe that men are visual creatures and all they pay attention to is our looks. Turns out it is not true. They do get attracted to our looks initially, but eventually it is NOT our looks that make them walk away.

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Please review this surprisingly simple yet oh so precious list of attraction killers. Are you guilty of doing any of these? If you are, and if you think these traits and behaviors ‘mean nothing’, then please think again. The bottom line – these are very easy to fix and are very easy to maintain. Do not lose your chances with potential great boyfriends over these stupid and silly mistakes!

Now, this is not all. The presented above are only the most common reasons of why men lose interest. Listed below were not mentioned as often but I believe they are still worth keeping your eye on:

~ No sense of humor
~ Sloppy dressing, too many tattoos, excessive makeup
~ Poor communication skills
~ Stupidity
~ Uptight in bed and/or no sexual energy
~ Lack of manners, no class
~ Smoking or other addictions

Phew, that’s it!

I am sure this list could be expanded up to the length of one mile, but what we have seen so far brings us to conclusion that men are not THAT really different from women. The above stated could have been easily truth for women as well, couldn’t it?

Come on ladies, no one wants to date a man who is negative or has a nasty attitude, no one wants to date a man who stinks like skunk, is clingy and needy or plays games with us. Does it make sense??

Quite often, when we meet someone special, we cannot help but begin obsessing over his interest in us, his intentions, his attraction level, what ‘to say’ or what ‘to do’ when he does this or that. We call our girlfriends asking for advice or for their ‘independent and unbiased’ opinion. We want to make sure that this time we won’t screw up anything to make him lose interest, we won’t say something wrong to make him lose attraction, and we won’t do something terrible to make him leave us.

To make matters worse (and it has been quite a common occurrence) many men won’t even say what we do wrong. They leave us out of the blue, making us wonder what we did, did not do or should have done instead. And since we have no way of knowing why they lost attraction, we feel like we have no choice but to speculate.

We create assumptions which may not be correct, we assume the worst and our self-esteem takes a nose dive. We think we do not deserve something good and we are unlovable.

But, again, let’s just pause for a second and take a look at that chart. As you can see, when it comes to a male’s attraction, it is really not THAT complicated. That chart tells you ALL. It is a very simple, common sense chart, and yet people do those things all the time! Yes, men leave us for many different, not related to us reasons, BUT let us admit that our own behavior could be one of the reasons too.

So, what is the verdict?? I think the verdict should be as follows: when you date a man or in a relationship already, just treat him as you would any other human being in your life (regardless of their gender). When you treat him nice, have your own life apart from him, are not negative, and he enjoys your company, then it will be very difficult for him TO STOP LIKING YOU.

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