Diary of a Feisty Lady: is there a cure for control freaks?

Not sure what happened, but somehow I ended up dating an extreme control freak. He sure knows now what's better for me: what I should eat, what music I should like, what to do during my spare time and of course what I should wear on our dates.

Now, the last one hit me big time.


Because even though I am an open minded person and do not mind exploring new activities, food, and movies, I am still very conservative about my looks.

"My style and what I wear is not negotiable" – I said.

"Please do not fight me on this! Just give it a chance – he insisted – those are just hot and glamorous enhancements!"

And then it happened. It was the time for a sweet fluffy kitten to show off its sharp claws!

“Hey - I responded to him - I have some hot enhancements for you too! I want you to have these when on a date with me!”

“No problem” – he said.

Well, he had no idea what was coming, he-he.

The next morning I presented him with this list:

1. How about a list of glamorous enhancements for my man too! Look at this, sweetie!

Solution: Immediate slimming effect – slimming waist!

It may feel too tight and uncomfortable but hey, think of the end result! Your instantly slimmed figure will look amazing in your suits!!

2. I know you want me to wear a glossy sparkling lipstick. Not a problem, dear. As you gaze at those lips during our romantic dinner I would like to gaze into your blue eyes. I do want them to be brighter though.

Would you please wear colored eye lenses for me? See how hot he looks? I want you to be like that too!

Your eyes may get irritated though, but hopefully not…

3. What do you think about this posture? Do not like it? This is you, my dear.

Solution: Bad posture corrector for men!

On bad days, after working on a computer for too long, I want you to wear this corrector when we are going out. I know these things can be too tight and bothersome but again, think about the end result and your instantly improved looks!

4. You said you were 6 feet tall, but that is not true. When I wear my high heels, we are almost of the same height. I want you to be at least 6 ft tall. I want you to look like an executive! Think about how everyone will envy your height!
You need to buy elevator shoes for men to add some height. I understand they may not feel comfortable and your feet and knees may hurt, but as you can see now, being glamorous is not always comfortable.

This is it for now.

If you want me to wear long acrylic nails (which cause long term injury to nails), fake eyelashes which obstruct vision, tight corsets around my waist, 7 inch high heels, heavy fake hair pieces which can cause tension in the neck and therefore a headache, JUST FOR THE SAKE OF BEING GLAMOROUS FOR YOU, I want you to wear all the listed above as well. That way both of us (not just me!) will be in discomfort and pain, but Sexy and Glamorous.

48 hours later:

Despite our Friday night outing being canceled, we had a great date on Saturday. I was wearing my favorite outfit, lovely makeup and comfortable, but still amazing shoes. There were no wigs, fake eyelashes, long poky nails, sticky glossy lipsticks, no posture correctors, colored lenses, tight slimming waists, and NO talk about any of it.

Did it cure my control freak? God knows.

All I know is that should he come up with something crazy like this again (and ruin my day) there will be consequences. After all, I never begged or asked him to stay with me. Take it or leave it! Me is me. I will always be ME!

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