You will be amazed at how con artists and cheaters can actually fake a relationship

You will be amazed at how some men can actually fake a relationship. What is a fake a relationship anyway, you may ask?

A fake relationship is when they spend time with you, shower you with daily attention, give flowers ‘just because’, blow up your birthday (in a good way), say “I Love You” and other deep meaning words except that… it is all meaningless to them.

As a matter of fact, they may be busy playing this fake relationship game – at the same time -with other women too. In many cases, this is exactly what is happening.

So the bottom line is, even though you think you are in a meaningful relationship, the fact is that you are not. It is all fake.

It takes time and sometimes a massive heartbreak to see the whole picture. It also takes maturity to step aside and see them for who they are.

It takes courage too. You will need the courage to admit to yourself that the man you loved so dearly was an ILLUSION, an illusion that you painted in your own head. The illusion that was bestowed upon you was well-crafted deceit.

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You thought he was your dream, your ‘go-to’ person to talk to, your trusted friend, your knight in shining armor, your hero, your rescuer, someone unique and special, but the truth is he was someone who did not exist.

It was an illusion you were in love with, not them. The way you looked at them and the way your heart felt – it was all for a man who did not exist. It was for a different man. And, they were NOT that man.

I call these men goofballs.

In case you are not familiar with American slang: a goofball means "jackass”, “silly”, “a person who amuses others by ridiculous behavior”.

You were NOT in a relationship with a man. You were in a relationship with a goofball.

Goofballs run around between several women at the same time, profess undying love to each of them, pretend to be a devoted and passionate ‘boyfriend’, give flowers, perfumes, chocolate, have sex, and talk about a romantic future.

Sure, these goofballs love all of those women (including you, of course), have a special place for each of them in their heart, BUT at the end of the day, the only person they truly love is THEMSELVES.

They are a scared, insecure, and selfish person who treats women like appliances. When a dishwasher breaks they replace it with a new one. When a streamer malfunctions they get inconvenienced and order another one. Goofballs have fun and rarely get bothered by a trail of broken hearts left behind them. Their excuse? “Oh, it was broken already”.

It is always about their comfort level, their feelings, and needs. It is never about YOU per se. And why should it be?

You know why?

Because there is no YOU and HIM. There are others and you are just one of them. It is HIM and OTHERS. There will never be you and him. There will always be others.

You do not have a boyfriend, you are not an item and the whole thing is a joke. You are in a fake relationship. They are not your boyfriend, they are a fraud.

Goofballs do not know what the word Love means. One needs to be mature to understand. Behaving like an immature kid in 8th grade, they are not capable and unfortunately will never be capable of comprehending its true meaning.

It is up to you – the victim – to take a hard look at who you are with and recognize the type.

They are a dangerous deceitful man-child who misuses the word ‘Love”.

We do not like wasting time on meaningless relationships. We give our hearts to someone with whom we believe there is a destination. A place you and him will arrive at… the home, the trust, the true love, and the forever happily after.

Please understand it is over. They won’t be capable of giving you (or any other woman for that matter) what you need. They just cannot.

Forgive yourself for trusting a con artist and a fraud. Forgive yourself for being naïve and believing something that was not there. Do not beat yourself for being ‘stupid’ and “I should have known better”. It is OK. You can see the whole picture now, right?

Once the truth is out it is easy to forgive them and move on. It becomes easy to let go. They were just a goofball running around playing love with several women at the same time and you were only one of them. You, on the other hand, mistook their game as something meaningful and special.

You were misled by an illusion bestowed upon you by a manipulative deceitful man. The good news is that, unlike these permanently handicapped men, you will find Love eventually. You are capable of loving, and they are not.

I have always felt sorry and sympathized with people who were not given, or deprived of, something that us normal people were given. Be it a mental or physical handicap, I have always tried to be understanding. These men are handicapped. They neither know nor are capable of enjoying a monogamous 1x1 relationship with a woman. They are deprived of true happiness and love.

I say, forgive them and let them be. It is their problem to fix (I personally do not believe it is fixable). Your job is to find peace in your heart, let go of the hurt, and calmly move on. You will feel better. Sorry for your heartbreak. Your friend, A. XOXOXO.

P.S. if you feel like you need to talk to someone because your situation is too unique and most of the stuff you read on the internet is too generic and not helpful, then I would personally like to recommend you this affordable online counseling service. You will not be disappointed.

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