Are they texting you, but not dating? Ditch them!

Do you have a guy texting you but no dates scheduled? Has it been going on for a while? Are you frustrated as hell?

You should be!

Here is the deal ladies: if you just started texting with a guy and it has been 1 week (ok, 10 days top) and he has never asked you on a date, then you are wasting your time and you need to ditch him asap.

The reason you need to get rid of this person is important: after 3-4 weeks of constant texting you become attached.

This weird attachment sabotages your chances of finding someone who would actually like you enough to schedule a date.

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Unfortunately, you would have to go through a bunch of these situations yourself, hear tons of similar stories from your girlfriends and watch complaints of many ladies on YouTube to come to this conclusion.

The conclusion is the following: if he wants to see you, he will text (or call) to schedule a date within 1 week. Ten days is a bit of an overstretch, but ok, let’s be nice here and agree on the 10 day deadline.

This man has a passive interest in you. And no, he does not need your help or a reminder to meet in person. Men always know what they want and how to get it. Your interest level should be enough of a green light for them to move forward.

They are aware of your interest. Whether you have met only once or never, for some reason they have concluded that they do not want to move things forward.

Texting is a lazy and passive way to communicate. Without phone calls and quality time spent together texting is nothing.

Please remember that.

Fantasy relationships are dangerous and will sabotage your chances of finding someone new. Did you go out there to find yourself a boyfriend or a mirage of a man? Did you go out there to find yourself a husband or a passive and lazy clown who won’t even bother to pick up the phone to hear your voice?? Is this your final goal – to find a loser who won’t master up the courage or desire to invite you on a date?? Really?

Actually, your perception of his behavior is the reflection of your own sense of self-value and self-worth.

Women who have issues with low self-esteem and self-worth:

I like him so much… I am just not sure why he is not scheduling dates with me. I am so frustrated! Should I suggest we meet? Maybe he is scared or feels shy? What else can I do to make him want to go out on a date with me? We have been texting for 5 weeks now!

High value women, aka The Queens:

Ok, let’s see. I gave this loser 1 week of my life and still no date. Hmmm… So lame… I am not even feeling it anymore. Time to bail out and check what else is out there for me. He had his chance. End of story.

Yep, no crying, no feeling ‘crushed’, unloved or devastated. None of that, ladies. Annoyed? – Yes. Inconvenienced? –Yes. And, maybe slightly pissed too.

Ladies, please understand that no date after 1 week of texting means no real interest.

No matter how you slice it or dice it, if a guy does not ‘feel’ it, it is not gonna happen. There is no magic text out there to send to make him suddenly like you. It hurts your ego, I know, but we cannot be liked by everyone.

The minute we recognize the truth should be the moment when we bail out. Prolonging it is the biggest and the most fatal mistake we can make.

Prolonging will lead to more pain, frustration (and you are frustrated already, aren’t you???), him possibly using you for sex, cheating (because you could be a side piece), never committing and ultimately wasting your precious time.

Unfortunately, due to self-esteem issues and neediness, some of us have a very high threshold of ditching a man. Unlike with high value women who won’t tolerate even a minor sign of BS, low-value women will have to eat BS by pounds every day for months to actually see the writing on the wall… Sometimes it takes years… How so sad.

I say, ladies – recognize the BS, take a note of what is happening and get the hell out of there QUICKLY. Do not get attached, do not get hurt, do not be unhappy, don’t suffer in silence and stop feeling confused and rejected. Block this clown and spread your wings for new opportunities. They will come, I promise!

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