Rejection is good news. How to get over rejection FAST

You do not need to get over the rejection. You need to be thankful that it actually took place. It is actually good news for your heart, mind, and the sense of well-being.

Rejection implies that the other party cannot give you what you want and need. The other party KNOWS this very clearly and therefore – rejection.

The other party sees what you may not see and knows what you may not know to make that decision. The other party is not looking to hurt you in any way. By rejecting you they are just being honest.

Now, let’s move to the dark side of rejection. The rejection you possibly had no idea existed. Let’s dive into the deep, dark, murky waters and see the ugly truth.

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Let me ask you this: are you currently in an unhappy relationship that does not meet most or any of your needs? Are you trying to ‘make’ them do certain things to make it right?

If the answer is ‘yes’, then has it ever occurred to you that you are being 'subtly' rejected in some sneaky way?

You see, men KNOW. They know when you are not The One.

And if you are not in this category, the relationship won’t move in the direction you want.

Why it happens

It happens because humans do not like to be alone and if something decent comes along they grab the chance.

Dating is difficult and finding someone special is difficult too.

When it comes to dating and relationships (and sex too) some dishonest men think that a cactus in a desert will do and enter a relationship with a woman they are not crazy about.

This gets even easier for dudes if a woman is proactive and emanates a green light: “you are welcome to proceed darling. No worries, I will not reject you like the rest of them”

And instead of rejecting such a woman (maybe she is not his type?), the dishonest man says ‘Yes’.

Let me remind you again that at this point he KNOWS. He knows you are not his type, he knows it won’t go anywhere and he also knows it is a temporary, or maybe even a very short term thing. He KNOWS!

This dishonest dude will take on the offer and milk the situation for as long as it lasts.

“I will stay as long as I can. As soon as she starts making demands I am out of here.”

And he stays…

Weeks, months and years pass by and… you know what I am about to say here, right? No progress and no commitment.

It is not just that. It is the overall quality of a relationship.

When we are truly loved we can feel it in our gut. The relationship also feels calm and secure.

When we are NOT loved, the relationship feels turbulent, uncomfortable, and like a lot of work.

It is the kind of a relationship that makes us talk to our girlfriends for hours, hire a therapist, and take meds to curb anxiety.

There is always this nagging feeling like something is not right.

So many sad things happen when a man does not love a woman he is with.

~ he many not talk to you every day or disappear for days on business trips
~ he disregards your intuition and calls it ‘crap’
~ he may not remember what is important to you or do things that hurt you
~ he won’t share as much or may seem distant (he does not want to invest emotionally!)
~ he will not talk about the future, but the sex is oh so good…
~ and of course, on top of it, he gaslights you “you are imagining things!”

Do you feel rejected and unloved when he does all of these things (and more) ?

That’s because he IS rejecting you every single day. It is a passive-aggressive type of rejection and no, you are not imagining things.

You are being rejected by this person because they chose not to reject you right away. They chose to have their cake and eat it too. Instead of rejecting you right away, they chose to USE you.

This crappy relationship would have never happened if only they were honest enough to reject you in the first place.

Relationships which were never supposed to happen are full of red flags. These are the crappy relationships with dishonest men who instead of rejecting a loving woman chose to take advantage of her.

It happens all the time!

How to know if you are a cactus woman to him

You are a cactus woman if your relationship is full of red flags and is not going anywhere. The only way to find out the truth is to ask for commitment. After 2 years (max!) you have the right to know where you stand.

These dishonest men are a waste of time and honestly, the faster you smoke them out, the better for you.

They had no guts to reject you and therefore, it will be your job to make things right. You are a better person here. Remember, this relationship should have never happened in the first place. They are a fraud, a wimpy user and a huge time waster.

P.S. If you feel like you need to talk to someone because your situation is too unique and most of the stuff you read on the internet is too generic and not helpful, then I would personally like to recommend you this affordable online counseling service. You will not be disappointed.

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