Will he get back together with his ex?

Well, ladies, this can be a very touchy subject for those who just started dating someone, who just broke up with someone else.

Spending time together, letting him become part of your life only to see him leave and getting back together with his ex would not just feel like a waste of time, it would feel like the ultimate betrayal.

This experience can be so devastating that for some it may take months and months to recover. You would not want this to happen to you, would you? NO ONE WOULD!!

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But it does happen... Although, at a first glance, it may seem like you have no control over the situation, but let me reassure you, that there are things you can do to improve the odds of a successful outcome.

I will show you here, in this article, what to look for, and what to pay attention to, to reduce or totally eliminate your chances of feeling pain and/or being rejected.

Psychologists agree that, statistically speaking, the most dangerous and volatile period after breakups lasts up to 8 months. By 'dangerous' I mean a very high probability of two people getting back together again. Keep that in mind! If you started dating someone who has just 'freshly broken up' - it is your clue to be on guard. This is your first sign, and I will elaborate on it further in the article.

Another huge aspect that plays a role of getting back together is WHO BROKE UP WITH WHOM. To find out about it can be tricky, and since no one likes to admit to themselves (and more importantly to others) the humiliating 'I was dumped', most men will just lie about the breakup. Anyway, with the help of passing time, and perhaps some digging here and there, you might be able to find out the truth. The truth will be a HUGE guide to the future outcome of your relationship with him. Once you know who broke up with whom one of these 2 scenarios will take place:

Scenario 1. If he broke up with her, consider it very good news. Chances are great that he will be staying with you from now on. Given the fact that it is usually women who break up with men, she must have done something horrible for him to decide to walk away. Other reasons of his leaving: perhaps the relationship ran its course, perhaps he stopped loving her, whatever the reason - he was the one who LEFT HER and it is a DONE DEAL. He is ready to move on. With YOU.

Scenario 2. If she broke up with him, however, chances are that he was not ready for the breakup and is still missing her, and being in the relationship with her. Should she extend an olive branch he may very well accept an invitation and viola - they are back together again! Sure, getting back together will not solve their existing problems and 6 months later, if not earlier, she may break up with him again, but it does not mean he should use you as a spare airport to land on every time he gets rejected by her!

That's right, she is still his girlfriend and they are NOT broken up, they are just in a 'breaking up - getting back together' mode and you are a tool for him to 1) use you to get her jealous 2) to avoid being lonely.

So, with this being said, if this kind of scenario happens to you, even if only once, you need to immediately realize that you are not in a true relationship, he is not your boyfriend, you are being used, and you need to get out of this trap as soon as you can.

If you decide to stay, this relationship will be filled with a great deal of mistrust, jealousy, drama, pain, and uncertainty. Knowing that there is this other woman in the background will make you feel paranoid and insecure. What kind of a relationship is this?? If you decide to stay, be prepared to suffer, and you have no one to blame but yourself.

One note regarding scenario 2: in case the breakup occurred a long time ago, you are safe to date him.

There is nothing worse than a man entering a new relationship without being done with the previous one. This is the major reason for men getting back together with their exes. He is not over his ex, still missing her, and secretly longing for what they used to have together.

As the smart woman that you are, you need to be vigilant when getting involved with someone new. You have NO IDEA what it is in their head and the status of their previous relationship(s). Time and observation of their behavior will soon reveal who they are. Meanwhile, be on guard and do not fall too hard. As a self-esteem booster, you may enjoy reading the How To Be Lucky in Love article.

Do not let your heart and emotions lead your life, use your head when a situation calls for it, and you will be glad you did!

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