Why he got your number but never called

So, it usually starts like this: you casually meet during some sort of event, he starts a conversation and acts like he is all excited and interested, and in the end he asks for your number.

So far so good.

You are all excited too (perhaps?) and looking forward to seeing him again. You give him your number hoping it is the beginning of something special... only to never hear from him again! What happened???

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Well, I will tell you what happened - if you give ZERO MEANING to the above scenario, then it will mean that nothing happened. Keep dwelling on it more, and the above described event may earn the status of 'drama of the month' on your calendar. Which approach does work better for you?

There are many-many reasons why men do this to women, but even if you knew all the reasons, it does not mean they (men) would stop doing it.

You cannot change these men but you sure can adjust your attitude from now on. Everything he did and said to you at that particular moment had ZERO MEANING and here is the proof - if he was really meaning what he was saying, then he would be calling you by now. It is that simple!

So, the first thing for you to do to come to terms and to recover from this unpleasant experience is to realize that his words, actions, compliments, smiles and promise to call had ZERO MEANING.

Think of him as a babbling in foreign language radio station you do not want to listen to - switch the channel or turn it off completely, and it is "poof", all gone! Like it never existed! Isn't it lovely?

Another thing to keep in mind is not to take his shady behavior personally. He did it to you, he did it to many women in the past, and he will do it to many women in the future. His not calling back has nothing to do with you, your looks, your self worth, or you as a person in general.

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As I have mentioned before, there are many reasons why he did what he did and below are the most common ones. As you read through them, you may come to realization that those reasons are quite pathetic; ALL OF THEM!!

With this being said, you may actually feel RELIEVED that he did not call you back. Congratulations! This is the kind of attitude you are supposed to have when someone puts on an act, gets your number, and then disappears into thin air.

Here is why he never called back after getting your number:

~ He never meant to call you in the first place, asking for your number was just a polite way to finish a conversation

~ His girlfriend snooped through his phone and deleted your number

~ He changed his mind the minute the event was over. Out of sight, out of mind - that's what happened!

~ He is a numbers collector. Do you ladies know what a 'black book' is? A black book is a note book with numbers of multiple women (ex-girlfriends, ex and current hook ups, ex-wives, women chasing after him, etc.) who he calls when he needs something.

Many men have black books. If you are his ex, you may be included in it also, and if this is the case, then do not be surprised to get a call from him 2 years later.

~ He is immature or suffers from low self-esteem. Getting a number from a woman is like an ego boost for him

~ He was just having a good time pretending to be single. Flirting with you and getting your number was like a little 'escape time'. Once it was over, it was time to get back to reality - his wife

~ He had a fight with his woman; getting a number from another woman (you) was like proof that he is still marketable and in demand (should he break up with her)

~ Perhaps you acted in a certain way that made him think you were not interested. Rather than moving forward with getting a woman he wants, he had decided to retreat. You do not want an insecure man who can be discouraged so easily

~ He never truly liked you. If he did - he would call

~ His ex called and now, instead of calling you, he is calling HER

~ He got very busy and tied up with other things... the kind of things that had higher priority (than you) on his list. You do not want a man who gives you such a low priority status; he will never have time for you!

He is not calling you now because he has more important things to attend to, meaning 'calling you' is NOT among those 'important things'. If calling you is not that important to him it means that you are not that important to him either

~ He forgot he ever met you!

Are you still upset he never called? In your quest for Prince Charming, think of his not calling as dodging a bullet - yet another frog you were lucky enough never to have to kiss!!!

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