Why do some women get multiple marriage proposals?

Why do some women get multiple marriage proposals… and you do not? What is it about Them that is not about You? And if it is You indeed, can it be changed?

It took me a while to figure this one out. It took a lot of observations and analysis to arrive at the truth.

Do you have a girlfriend, or perhaps have heard of one, who gets commitment and marriage proposals all the time? She is probably the one who has no problem finding and keeping boyfriends. Can you tell me why?

Let’s figure out it together. At this point, I think I know the answer.

You may or may not like it, but there will surely be a big Aha moment. It was a big one for me.

Ok, here you go: my observations show that the women who have loyal boyfriends who eventually propose only date/get involved with the ‘marrying kind’ of a guy… the kind of a guy (ready??), yes the kind of a guy you may find too nice and boring.

Here you are, the truth.

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Everything is very easy with these guys because both he and you are on the same page from day one. There are plenty of guys who would die to have a nice girlfriend and there are plenty of men who would like to settle down. Look around! Happy couples at Marriage License bureaus is your proof.

The problem is that some women find this type of a guy too ordinary, too bland, too insipid, too predictable, too vanilla, and too boring. It is like eating a plain blah cereal in the morning. It is just BLAH….

Now, let me ask you this: what are the opposites of “too boring”, “too nice” and “too predictable”? Yep, it is “exciting”, “unpredictable”, and “unordinary “. And what kind of a man possesses these qualities? That’s right! Bad boys, players, commitment-phobics, jerks, and womanizers. To some women, they are a big magnet, a catnip!

Some of these ‘catnips’ are so skilled that it seems like their tongue could open a wine bottle!

Here you are, you’ve got your answer.

Want to get multiple proposals? Want to have a loyal boyfriend? Start dating guys who seem “nice”, “shy”, and “boring” in the beginning.

If you were to give a chance to a ‘simple’ guy who treats you nice and with respect, you would have discovered the whole Universe of stuff about him later on. “Boring” and “nice” guys have beautiful souls, great talents and gifts, interesting hobbies, etc., and as soon as you get to know them better you will discover that they are NOT that boring at all!

You simply need to give yourself a chance. Do something different this time!

Yes, it is that simple.

Now, you may sense some internal protest: “Life is too short, I am NOT going to date a boring dude, yuuuwn. Hey, it is coffee time!”

Look, if we are willing to give (aka waste) time on jerks, then it is only fair to give some time to a ‘nice’ guy too. Just saying…

Life is short indeed to waste on exciting (and painful) dead-end relationships. It is especially true if you are looking for a committed relationship.

The reason that nice (quiet, shy, etc) guys seem boring in the beginning is that they are not skilled at interactions with women. Unlike charming and super-dangerous players, these down-to-earth guys did not have many opportunities and therefore the experience to hone in on the “I want to get into your panties” skills or to develop delightful phone manners. You know, all those intoxicating tricks that make us weak in our knees.

When a wolf and a lamb work together, it is only natural for the wolf to get his way

While players spend time in a bar picking up women, these guys are probably busy working out in a gym, reading a book, starting a business, or working on obtaining a graduate degree.

You will never know what kind of a man is in front of you if you reject him on the spot simply because he seemed ‘too nice and boring’ on your first date.

- Could I possibly invite you over dinner some night?
- Sorry, I dozed off, what did you say?

For your own sake, if there is a spark, give it time and give yourself a chance to be happy. Give it some time to see the man beyond his initial ‘shyness’. You may be very surprised!

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