Online dating - you can make it work!

The media keeps feeding us with happy stories of people who found love online and somehow conveniently avoids to mention the rest of the people (the majority, mind you) who have been single and searching (unsuccessfully, mind you again) online for years.

After reading these beautiful stories you cannot help but wonder if there is something wrong with you, the men or the entire process.

After a while you may even start thinking about being cursed and destined to being alone for the rest of your life. HOW DEPRESSING…

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Let me reassure you that there is nothing wrong with you. Finding Mr. Right is certainly about having a certain degree of luck, but you can increase your luck and improve the outcome with a great deal of insight I am about to share.

Rather then running like a squirrel in a spinning wheel, wasting energy and time on improper candidates and endless searches, let me show you how to become a thick skinned and a razor focused woman in a search for your Mr. Right.

Here are some fascinating facts and insights about online dating and dating overall:

~ Forget about finding that 'The only One', there are many The Ones out there for you.

~ It may take several dates to start seeing his true personality. If he is super sweet and pleasing on your first date, do not jump to conclusions thinking he is a 'weak man'. He may turns out to be a great leader later on. You just never know!

~ If you are dating someone you have mixed feelings about, and not sure whether you should continue or call it quits, my advice – do not do anything until you know for sure. Once you know, you will make a sound decision without regrets and looking back.

~ It is healthy to assume that not every relationship is destined to last or lead to marriage. Breakups are frustrating but having this perspective in mind should be comforting enough to move forward.

~ Looks do matter, especially in the beginning!

~ Chemistry may not be there on the first date. As long as you do not feel grossed out, he treats you nice and keeps calling just go with the flow. If you let the relationship continue and evolve, there are going to be some triggers to wake up the chemistry.

Every woman requires different triggers for this to happen. Examples of triggers: the sound of his voice or the way he said or did something, the way he looks into your eyes, his cologne, his way of dressing, his way of thinking and playful arguing with you, the way he touches you or the way he moves, the way he calls your name, the way he communicates with you or the way he thinks.

This is all very personal and very subtle.Perhaps you can recall at least one instance in your life when you met someone you were not crazy about initially, but then something happened. You did not know how it happened, all you knew is that you were in love.

It hit your head like a ton of bricks and it was rather a big surprise. You had no idea you could fall in love with someone like him but it HAPPENED. It is because of those subtle triggers.

Now, let’s move forward with our goal and turn frustrating, depressing, fruitless dating into something spectacular, productive and fun. Next - Why online dating is such a disaster and Online dating - how to find a boyfriend plus this bonus e-Course Online Allure (how to attract quality men)