Dating - looks matter!

It is only natural for a woman to want to be beautiful. Even if you think you are not beautiful or are not measuring up to some standards, let me tell you this: every woman is beautiful in her own way.

There is no need to try to resemble models, you are who you are, unique and special, and your own type. EACH MAN HAS HIS OWN TYPE TO FALL IN LOVE WITH!

Let's talk about looks in dating. I know what most of you are going to say - 'looks are shallow and I want to be loved for my heart, my intelligence, my kindness, and all the positive traits and talents I possess’. This is correct, but there is a big BUT here - it does not work this way with men. Let me explain.

Initial attraction - the force that moves the dating process forward - stems from different roots in males and females. Women tend to feel a strong attraction to successful, high status, well providing men; meanwhile men are strongly attracted to young and/or beautiful, good looking women. This is all biological, and there is plenty of reading on the web about this phenomenon.

So, when it comes to dating and creating an initial attraction, women need to put an extra effort into looking the best they can. Your looks and looks only - is what he will be attracted to in the very beginning. There is no other way around.

Is this fair? No. The good news is, however, that eventually, once he gets to know you, he will start experiencing mental and emotional attraction as well. The kind of attraction that stays for years and decades, the attraction that does not see your extra pounds, wrinkles, and grey hair on your head. This is how it works with men, ladies, initial looks first, then emotional and mental attraction second. To put it in perspective, who would you accept a first date from: an unemployed, semi-homeless chronic loser man, but who has a great heart, or from a successful business man with a beautiful house?

Do not feel bad about selecting the second candidate. This is all biological, and females are pre-programmed to select well providing partners, i.e. those who would be able to take care of them and their offspring.

So, with this being said, lets try to get dolled up for your date! I would like to focus on your face first here, since your face is the main feature men will be paying attention to in the beginning.

Now, if you are the type of a lady who knows how to make herself pretty and to use makeup, you may not need to read the Get dolled up for a date - makeup article. You are already in good shape and congratulations on enhancing your femininity, it should really work in your favor!

For the rest of the ladies who have no idea how to use makeup or are not sure how to apply it, are scared to use it, or have no idea what makeup to use but would like to try just a tiny bit - you may find the article very helpful. Dolling up your face will not hurt you. Actually you may even like the 'before and after' effect. You will have total control over how much and what kind of makeup to apply, you will be your own boss.

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