Do all men want sex?

Do all men want sex? You bet they do! The only difference in successfully getting ‘it’ is the degree of effort involved.

There are those who are dumb (and naïve) enough to offer it on the spot; and there are those who understand that there is a ‘process’ involved.

And of course, as expected, the rejection rate in the first case is almost 100%, but what about the other case?

Well, it would be up to them and up to you i.e. it would be up to them to decide how much to invest (in you), and it would be up to you to decide at what point to say ‘yes’.

We do not want to be used for that only ‘one thing’ and it is understandable. Just like men do not want to be used for money, we do not want to be used for sex.

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Every man who desires a woman ‘in that way’ understands that going through the ‘process’ (I call it the romance phase) increases his chances exponentially, and YET…

Yep, and YET not every man chooses to act romantic to get sex. Why?

Because as a predator and a hunter he knows that there is always a beeline, a shortcut to get from a point A to a point B with the least energy spent.

Can you blame him? Don’t you sometimes use available shortcuts to get things too?

With that being said, your attitude and demeanor will determine the distance between the points A and B he will have to take. Will he ‘get there’ on the first date or on the 10th?

YOU will be the one to determine it.

Since most of them want ‘it’ right away, they will be trying to make it happen. Why go the long distance if there is a short cut?

If all they want is ‘to get some’, then after realizing that, there is no such a thing as a shortcut with you the wind and vibes will change.

At that point they will be facing a dilemma – to either take a long route to get to point B or to bail out… and this is when you smoke them out. At this exact moment you will know everything you will need to know without a single word uttered.

The amount of effort on their end will demonstrate the degree of value they see in being with you.

And here you are, ladies, listed below are the selfish reasons driven by the effort/reward ratio thinking.

Here is what these men mentally go through every time when there is no shortcut:

~ How badly do I want her?

~ Is she worthy of my time?

~ What's in it for me short-term and possibly long-term?

~ I will have to change my routine. Am I OK with it?

~ Am I ready for what ‘may’ came out of it (like a relationship or something)?

~ Will there be a way out? Am I getting myself into a trap?

~ What about emotional side-effects?

~ This is my opportunity to either have it all or to leave forever.

Now, ladies, stop and think for a moment. At what point in your life do you wish to put an extra effort into something? At what point are you willing to get out of your comfort zone to get what you want?

What exactly should you feel and think at that moment to make you say ‘Yes, I am moving forward with this no matter what”?

Extra energy, effort, and TIME wasting is something we would rather not do UNLESS there is a great deal of a reward behind it.

Considering how lazy human nature is, we now can tell with a great degree of certainty that if a man decides to get out of his way to get to point B with you then he sees value.

There is a belief that if we invest into something, we appreciate it more. I think that's not quite accurate. We have to approach it from a different point of view.

To me, we choose to invest because of perceived value to begin with. Without the initial appreciation there wouldn’t be investment in the first place. Makes sense, ladies?

With that being said ladies, do not be afraid to say no to a guy on your first date. Do not give it up out of the fear of losing him. You do it when YOU are ready, not him .

They will either see you as something worthy of putting effort into, or will bail out. And this is exactly what you want. You will know the truth without a single word uttered.

Sometimes we are just too focused on words, but it is the behavior that speaks. Behavior never lies. At the end of the day, when everything is said and curtains are closed, it is the behavior that delivers the final verdict.

We just have to be patient enough to let it all play out. Time is on your side.

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