Will he cheat on me? Guaranteed signs he will eventually cheat!

“Will he cheat on me?” – asks Lily from Florida - “I have one big issue with men – she continues – I do not trust them. How do I know if he is the type who will eventually cheat? Is this even possible to know??”

I hear you Lily! The sad true is that this is a very common fear among us women. At some point in life many of us were cheated on. I was cheated on too! And, even though it happened a long time ago, I still remember how shitty it feels. There is no other way to describe it, sorry.

I hate cheaters. Cheating is the worst thing that can happen in a relationship! Ahh… do not get me started.

I did some research on this subject and did my analytical home work. This insightful and super-helpful article is based on real life experiences of real women and is aimed to help you identify a man who will eventually cheat.

I have come to the conclusion, and it has been my observation, that there is this type of a man who will eventually cheat no matter what. These men will cheat no matter how great a relationship is, how much love, sex, adoration, and devotion are present. So basically, regardless of all that good stuff, they will still CHEAT no matter freaking what!

What it means to you is that no matter what you do or do not do, you will get cheated on.

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Identify this type of a man and decide on how to proceed. By the way, this is not to make you feel paranoid. This is to make you pay attention.

Listed below is a carefully compiled list of traits of ass-clowns who will eventually cheat. I call them habitual cheaters.

Just like there are habitual gamblers, drinkers, drug users and thieves, there are habitually cheating ass-clowns. I personally think it is incurable character flaw.

Habitual cheaters tend to be aggressive. These could be type A personality types, overly proactive and aggressive extroverts or just men with too much aggressive energy.

How it happens: they see a woman they like and approach her on the spot.

As a good example of this – Mr. Donald Tramp. Do you know how he approached Melania? She was on a date with another man when he approached her asking for her phone number!

Wow. Do you think an ordinary man would do something like this? I do not think so.

These men feel entitled to having what they want and quite often they want it NOW.

They barge into our life without warning, without asking questions and basically act like we have no choice but to say “Yes”.

I have to admit that such an ardent pursuit can be extremely flattering because we misplace aggressiveness with genuine romantic feelings towards us.

Well, that is not to say they do not like you. They do! The problem is that even though they truly like you, what do you think will happen when another shining object crosses their path? Do you truly believe they will pass on the opportunity? Do you truly believe the spoiled ‘me-me-me’ brat won’t want the toy to himself??

Remember, these are aggressive and decisive men who go strongly after what they want.

This leads us to another trait that goes along with aggressiveness: big ego and a sense of entitlement.

It is not that difficult to spot a man with an inflated ego. He likes praise and, believe it or not, he likes praising himself too.

He may go on saying how he saved an entire department from collapsing, how he scored high on a super hard test, how his boss is in awe of his performance, and how total strangers want to talk to his Majesty out of the blue because he looks sooo darn awesome.

This boiling tea kettle huffs and puffs, steams like crazy and whistles non-stop. It is me-me-me! Pay attention everybody!

If you are an emotionally mature woman, then listening to these egomaniacs talk can be quite amusing.

In fact, amusing and sad at the same time because who in the world wants to date a man-child?
Massaging their ego is a ticket to their heart. They need daily flattery and praise to stay balanced.

This is why women with low self-esteem and low sense of self-value are vulnerable to these types. They tend to over-compensate, over-give, over-flatter and over-praise their man.

Adoration is good when there is equality, but it is unhealthy when an ulterior motive is present “If I admire him a lot he will grow to love me more” or “I know he dates other women, but if I act super this and that he will eventually be mine”

Unlike with normal and healthy men, you can never over praise and over flatter this twisted type.

As an example – do excessive complimenting and flattery make you feel suspicious and uncomfortable? Doesn’t it feel over the top sometimes? To me this is such a turn off. It is like: “What is your problem, dude? You barely know me, stop the act”

Well, not with these men. Their hungry ego needs a daily dose of goodies to function - lots and lots of adoration, mega doses of admiration, over the top complimenting, cheesy flattery, and praise (a fake one will do too!). Do not forget to sprinkle it all with 'I love you-s' and a million kisses. Just like they like, you know...

By the way, do you believe their intricate stories? Do you believe in fairy tales of them being a hero who rescued someone or who figured out something super complicated and got it all fixed because the 'rest of the people who were involved with the project were stupid and retards'?

I say, these men tend to exaggerate A LOT and quite often – lie. This brings us to the next trait that is intertwined with the 2 mentioned above – habitual lying.

These men lie a lot.

They lie left and right and make no issue of it. They do not just lie to get themselves out of something or to gain something, they lie ‘just because’. It is like a habit or like a nervous tick.

Just like we say “Hi, how are you?” to strangers, they habitually BS everybody around them on a daily basis.

It does not take too much time to date them to see it firsthand. The funny thing is that they won’t even try to hide their lying ways from you!

You see them lying to serving staff, on their resume, in stores, to their friends, and of course to other women. That includes YOU too. Yep, rest assured they BS you too.

White lies or intentional lies are still lies.

~ "Oh, I just got this new job with a mega-big signing bonus. Oh man, my portfolio is about to blow up.”

Later on you learn the true amount and wonder why they would exaggerate like this.

~ “Do not believe what other people say. You and me have something special together!”

Later on you learn that it is their standard BS line to use on multiple women to make them believe like something special is going on.

~ To a room service lady in a hotel “I need more of this, this, and that”.

Later on you see them packing all those extra items to take home which is simply stealing since they never run out of them at home in the first place.

~ “Who? Me? I do not remember. Oh baby, I am so sorry. I had no idea it bothered you so much. We will talk about it later, I promise”

They promise something and then conveniently forget aka lie about it. When you remind them later, they are like “Oh really? When did that happen? Seriously?"

Then they go on to say something like: Oh man, I just woke up (about to have a dinner, about to take a shower, on the other line with airlines booking my business trip, in the middle of running errands, talking to a representative at the bank, eating a sandwich) and cannot talk about it. We will talk about it later, I promise.

Until next time. When they 'forget' AGAIN and lie about it.

These men are difficult to pin down for a meaningful ‘talk’. It is never a good time to talk.

Rest assured these con artists and skilled liars know exactly what is going on. After being put in a corner by other women a dozen times previously they know now how to wiggle their sneaky ways out from sticky situations.

Do not even try to out-play these clowns. They will either deny it happened or bring up an issue with you “Why are you like this? Are you having a bad day?”

Watching them lie to other people under various circumstances can be entertaining at first… until it happens to you. That will definitely leave a bad taste in your mouth. Not a good feeling at all!

Before we wrap it up, think about it: were you their side chick at a certain point in time? Did they start dating you while being in a relationship with someone else?

If so, this is another huge sign and a red flag to pay attention to: them starting a thing with you while being in a relationship with somebody else.

The above 4 signs are a sure sign they will eventually cheat. In my opinion the above describes a narcissistic personality, wouldn’t you say?

This article would not be complete if I did not mention one more breed of man who is more vulnerable than others – a Man of Power.

Executives, wealthy business owners, and successful men are more vulnerable because of multiple women targeting them. Surviving in a battlefield with a bunch of bullets flying around is not that easy! Even if cheating is the last thing on their mind, constant attention from opportunistic females (especially beautiful ones) is something they may have to deal with to stay faithful.

I personally know plenty of successful men who are faithful to their women, and I do know some who are not. I think being successful is not a guarantee of their unfaithfulness. There will be temptations, yes, but I believe if none of the 4 described traits are present they are not a cheating type.

As a reminder, this article describes habitual cheaters. If your current man does not fit the above descriptions and you are still worried he may cheat – you may want to read this article - Cheating in relationships.

P.S. If you feel like you need to talk to someone because your situation is too unique and most of the stuff you read on the internet is too generic and not helpful, then I would personally like to recommend you this affordable online counseling service. You will not be disappointed.

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