Should you play hard to get?

Let me ask you this: what are you looking to achieve by playing hard to get? And, in case he already likes you, would you still want to play hard to get?

Playing hard to get is a good way (sometimes) to make a man chase you, but not for the reasons you think.

Here is something that every woman needs to be aware of before contemplating the ‘hard to get’ game.

Men are wired differently, and hunting is one of their instincts. By escaping i.e. playing hard to get we are triggering this instinct, and as a result - they start the chasing process.

Women, however, mistakenly put an equal sign between his intensity of chasing and level of attraction. In many instances his chasing is NOT equal to his attraction level for you. Need proof?

~ How many times have you had a guy chasing after you only to have him disappear after he managed to get you caught?

~ How many times have you heard and read identical stories, over and over again, of women complaining about him losing interest the minute the chase was over ?

~ If, in your opinion, he had this huge level of attraction, then WHERE did it suddenly go?

Here is the bummer, ladies: THERE WAS NO INTEREST IN THE FIRST PLACE.

In other words, there was no real, genuine interest and attraction present in the first place, and by playing hard to get you only wasted your time. It was nothing, but his chasing instinct. He got the instinct satisfied and it's over.

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But how about other stories of women playing hard to get and getting married in the end? Well, here is the other side of the coin: playing hard to get with a man who has a genuine attraction and interest for you may reap some rewards, but you need to play it wisely. The reason that men are attracted to unobtainable women is the exact the same reason they cannot stand needy women.

Men like to have freedom in relationships and they like to have enough space to breath. An unobtainable woman is attractive because she is perceived as a woman who has her own life together, and as someone who has her own interests outside of the relationship. Creating an impression of such a woman is a guarantee that he will stay.

To you it will be the ‘hard to get’ game, but to him by not returning his every call, not being always available for a date, not calling him 5 times per day and not being clingy - it will be nothing but an image of a busy, self confident, and independent woman. The kind of a woman every man is attracted to and has respect for.

SO, SHOULD YOU PLAY HARD TO GET? Sure you do! One major side effect here though: keeping him in artificial suspense by being fake, you will never know how he truly feels about the REAL YOU.

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