Playing games = insecurity

If you think of those moments when you felt like playing games, you probably could recall also that at that particular moment you felt insecure in the relationship.

You believed that if you were to behave 'differently' it would yield different (better) results.

You also believed that you would come across as more attractive, desirable and interesting in his eyes and he 'would like you more'.

Seriously, what is the purpose of the games and what stands behind the decision to play them?

First of all, what kind of a relationship is it that you are forced to improve it by playing games?

Also, what kind of a relationship is it that you are forced to make him like you more??Are you even sure you are in a happy and loving relationship in the first place?

If you have low self-esteem or tend to feel insecure in relationships, you will be prone to playing games. Playing games gives you an opportunity to deny being true to yourself and become someone you are not, someone who is, in your opinion, going to do better (than the original you) in a particular relationship. So, basically, when in a relationship, YOU ARE AFRAID TO BE YOURSELF.

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For some convoluted reasons you believe that if you were to become yourself, the relationship would not stand a chance of survival. This belief is simply not true and can be disproved very easily by just looking at many happy couples who never had to play games to be together. When two compatible people are naturally happy in a relationship they have zero need to play games. What for?

What it all means to you

~ if you feel like you need to resort to games to win him over, consider it as a red flag. It is either that the relationship isn't progressing the way you want it to, or he is not treating you the way you would like him to. Either way, something is off with the relationship. You may want to take a hard look at what is going on. Maybe, rather than spending your mental energy and emotions on something or someone who is not making you happy, you would be better off re-directing it onto something (or some one) else?

~ playing games means not being yourself. Going against your own desires and emotions will take a toll on you. Besides the burden of keeping up with who you are not, you will have to deal with constant internal protests and struggles.

~ misrepresentation of yourself will lead you nowhere. The minute he discovers your true personality there will be consequences. These could be bad or good but overall, why put yourself through such a torture?

~ you are so afraid of rejection that you had to reject your own self to be with him.

Your insecurity and your fear of rejection have lead you to self-rejection of your own identity and personality. He is not rejecting you, you are rejecting yourself.

To stop this toxic game playing charade, I suggest that you ditch the fake woman you are playing, and fall in love with your own original self. And hey, if he cannot handle the real you - it is his problem, not yours!

And last but not least, I have great news for you: Men Love Women Who Love Themselves.

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