Personality types - brief MBTI overview

MBTI stands for Myers Briggs Type Indicator. It is an assessment test that helps to discover the psychological type of a person with a very high degree of reliability.

Once you master the skill of identifying one's psychological type you could be truly called an 'x-ray' or a 'psychic'.

Knowing their type is like obtaining a magic key to a mysterious door no one could ever open, but have been dying to know what's behind it.

Once you open that door, you will get answers to questions you could not find anywhere and your eyes will see what they could not see before.

You may travel back in time to finally get an understanding and closure to event(s) that vanished in the distant past, but having been living in your head to this day waiting for an explanation.

And more importantly, you will find a beautiful piece of treasure - the knowledge that will help you navigate through life with a great deal of amazing perspective on human's behavior - why they do what they do, what to expect and what to never expect from someone (no matter how hard you try!), your own frustrations over certain things and what makes you connect with some types of people and feel repulsed by others.

Yes, once you enter that magic door - you will never be the same. Consider this beautiful event as a move in the direction of personal growth, development, and improvement.

And by the way, do not even think for a moment that this is something complicated, advanced or incomprehensible. I certainly do not want you to feel like you are about to take a psychology class. I will present the information in a very easy to understand manner to make sure that no matter your IQ level or level of education you will end up equipped with the right knowledge to move forward SUCCESSFULLY with dating, relationships, and your life overall.

So, for the sake of a brief but informative overview, here is what this assessment is all about.

There are 16 personality types, and each of the type contains only 4 (letters) from the following list:

E - extrovert
I - introvert
N - intuitive
S – sensor
T - thinker
F – feeler
J - judger
P - perceiver

Each letter represents certain characteristics of a personality and the assessment will help to identify those 4 letters for you. Here is an example of 3 different personalities and their corresponding letters: ESTP, INFJ, INTJ.

Once you know your (or his!) 4 letters you will know your (or his) personality type AND how it relates to OTHER personalities (compatibility, friendships, relationships, potential areas of disagreements or misunderstandings etc).

The first thing what you can do at this time is to take a FREE about 15 minutes assessment online. There are a lot of 'for pay' ones on the web but honestly ladies, I never had to pay anything to find out my own MBTI. You can take a free test here.

Once you know your type (those 4 letters) you may want to re-discover yourself all over again by reading the description of yourself. Again, the info should be free. Pick your type and read about it here or here.

Besides, knowing and understanding your type better will help with finding a great match for you! Once you know your type, let's go ahead and learn how to find out about his AND the true potential of it working out for the both of you as a couple. This is going to be fascinating, I PROMISE.

P.S. For those of you who would like to read more than a typical website provides, you may want to start with this book: (UK - click here) Type Talk: The 16 Personality Types That Determine How We Live, Love, and Work

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