Love and Astrology

Would you like to know what your Taurus man is thinking? And if you have broken up with your Scorpio man – would you like to get him back?

INTERESTING FACT: The wife of Ronald Reagan was relying on astrology to guide her husband to success. The name of her astrologer was Joan Quigley.

Now, this one is going to be interesting! What do you think of astrology?

During my early days of dating I thought that astrology was created just for the sake of entertainment. I used to roll my eyes here and there and gave my girlfriends a hard time. They thought I was ‘not getting it’ meanwhile all I thought it was them who were ‘not getting it’.

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Anyway, fast forward many years ahead and here I am – a completely different person. What made me change my mind? Actually – only two things. See if you agree with my reasoning:

1) Although astrology is not the type of a subject students study in colleges, it does not mean we should disregard it completely. Have you heard of telepathy before? How about psychics helping with murder investigations? And last but not least – how about a well known sense called ‘intuition’? Because scientists never figured out how to explain these things, it does not mean they do not exist. I believe, we can apply the same logic to astrology. Do you agree with me on this one?

2) My years of observations revealed that there IS a connection between personality type AND its astrological sign. It sounds weird, I know, but I am talking about my own experiences, experiences of my friends and girlfriends… in other words – there IS something there! I do not know what it is and how to explain it, but like in the instances above - intuition or telepathy - we just have to agree that such a thing exists. Science or no science.

Find out what the stars have in store for you - Personalized Astrology Reading

"We sat down and looked at all the "bad luck" events that had been happening...

In the last 5 years we realized that too many things were going wrong and it did not feel like "coincidences". Both my wife and I lost our jobs, my health was getting worse and my wife even had an affair. My White Metal Ox Premium Astrology Report gave me the direction on what are the steps needed to bring out the essence of my Chi. Our empty properties we had invested in were all rented within 10 days and have stayed this way since. This is certainly life-changing"

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I must admit I was skeptical about getting a reading, but just 10 minutes into the report, I was already blown away. Sarah's intuition on how I felt about my relationships and how I could heal and proceed in them was “spot on”.
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PLAIN CITY, OHIO (Just moved there)

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