Are you searching for a PERFECT relationship?

If you are the kind of a person who has been through many relationships and perhaps marriages too, then I truly sympathize with you. It usually goes like this: you start a relationship with someone new believing 'this is it'... only to get disappointed once again. And the search continues... for that perfect relationship with that perfect man.

I think that the reason it happens is that you are too idealistic (aka: unrealistic) when it comes to relationships in general.

You see, we are all humans and we all have flaws (that includes you too). Also, there is no such thing as a perfect relationship, because no matter how good it is, there will ALWAYS BE SOMETHING THAT WILL EVENTUALLY UPSET YOU.

Even the happiest relationships have stormy weather and, as you have probably learned by now, storms do not last forever, clouds do eventually give a way to sun and beautiful, colorful rainbows.

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Honestly speaking, if you are in search of that 'perfect relationship' with that 'perfect man' you are depriving yourself of a real life, down to earth experience.

The minute you leave one relationship and begin another, you are basically exchanging problems of your old relationship with problems of the new one. In other words, no matter how many relationships you have been in, one thing will always remains constant - relationship problems.

So, the problem here is not relationships but YOU not being able to cope with its issues and imperfections. Being too demanding and unforgiving towards another human being gets you nowhere either.

How ironic, but if the rest of the world were to adopt your rejection criteria, you would be the one to get rejected right and left. It does not matter if you are great, beautiful or super talented, one minor flaw of yours would still be a major deal-breaker to someone. Does it sound ridiculous? I'm sure it is!

Somehow your perception of men and relationships can be relevant to those who are looking at things with a magnifying glass that is hyper-focused on negatives (exaggerated to enormous sizes and volumes) and dismiss the positives all together.

In other words, hyper-focusing on negatives and overlooking positives is rather unfair and certainly not an objective way to perceive the reality of the situation.

Dismissing people and relationships over ordinary flows and issues is, to put it mildly, UNWISE. Men are not stupid, they can see your imperfections and flaws as well and, nevertheless, they have a good heart that is enough to overlook them and stay. Can you meet these hard trying gentlemen half-way?

I understand this is a very unpleasant and difficult issue to face. You feel like you have to change your views and believes, like you have to break your own core and modify your own identity. This is NOT EASY!

The purpose of this article is to help you see the cycle you are in - the dead end road with no happy exits. EVERY relationship will have something that you will not like, EVERY man will do or say something that will get you upset eventually.

You are looking for perfection but you are the one with a major flaw here, the flaw that keeps you from having a good long-term relationship. By leaving yet another relatively good man, you are not punishing him, you are punishing yourself. You may want to stop for a moment and ask why you are doing it to yourself.

Last but not least, if you still insist on perfection, here is something else to keep in mind: once you find that perfect man for you, he may decide that you are not that perfect woman for him.

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