How to stop coughing at night - natural remedy

Well, hello ladies! Let's talk about beauty sleep or how to stop coughing at night.

I would like to share something that I discovered by pure accident. But first things first: there are many reasons for coughing and this article is covering persistent dry cough that resulted from having cold and/or laryngitis only.

In other words, if you just recovered from cold and still suffer from persistent dry cough – especially at night – and would like to try something different to stop it, then you are in the right place.

I had a cold that lasted for about 5 days. After all the usual symptoms were gone I ended up with a major ‘leftover’ – an annoying, persistent, dry cough. ESPECIALLY AT NIGHT.

Does it sound like you?

Do you have bouts of dry cough at night (and during the day too)? Does it feel like there is a bunch of geese nesting in your throat and constantly tickling it with their feathers?? Does your upper chest feel ‘agitated’? Do you have this annoying sense like you want to cough all the time?

I am not going to talk about my cold and how bad it felt. The only thing I want to mention is the severity of my coughing at night. It was so bad that I felt sleep deprived all the time. I was afraid to drive to work and during lunch time, instead of taking my regular 30 min walks, I was taking naps in my car in a parking lot. I was too exhausted to walk.

And then one night it happened. That one night I slept through an entire night and my cough was shut down by over a good 90%. I thought that maybe it was over? Yes, a bit too suddenly, but maybe it was over indeed? Well, the very next night it was a nightmare again. It was like my body knew that it was 9 pm in the evening and it was ‘time for a coughing marathon’.

That one incident of that one quiet night got me thinking. It got me thinking very hard because I was desperate. What did I do different that day or evening that resulted in almost no cough at night? What was it??

After pondering for several minutes I remembered drinking this tea at bedtime – Organic Chamomile with Lavender tea (available on Amazon and eBay). I know that lavender has a calming effect and promotes good sleep, but I was a bit wary about its ability to stop such a sever cough. I decided to test it again – right before going to bed I drank the tea and voila – I had another restful night! AMAZING! I could not believe it! I was so relived I was ready to cry, literally!

It has been 3 weeks since my cold ended and I am still coughing. I know it will eventually go away, but at least I know now how to make it way less severe. I drink this tea 1-2 times per day and I am happy.

Being a curious person I actually tested other teas to see if they possess this ability. So, I tried Chamomile tea – there was no difference. I also tried Sleepy Time tea  - no difference. I think it is the lavender that makes the difference.

There are a lot of suggestions on the web regarding the night coughing issue, but honestly, I do not think they are that easy to implement. For example:

~ Use Halls (menthol drops) to suppress cough. I mean, if it is 8 pm then yes , you can take them to suppress your cough but what about 2 am? I personally do not feel comfortable trying to fall asleep with something in my mouth. It is a choking hazard! Besides, they are not long lasting.

~ Try to sleep with your upper body being elevated. Ahem…. How in the world am I supposed to get a restful sleep in semi-sitting position? Can you sleep like that? Maybe some people can, but many of them cannot! So, I do not think this advice is helpful.

~ Get an air humidifier to add moisture to your room. I do not think many people would buy something like this. What if you cannot afford it? What if you are traveling? Are you supposed to carry that thing with you??

~ Take a hot shower. It does work… while you are in a shower. Once you are out of there it is the nightmare again.

The above suggested tea is a very easy, affordable, simple solution to cut your cough significantly. I would encourage everybody who has developed a post-cold dry cough to try it. It is so easy and totally hassle free. If for some weird reason it won’t work you will end up with a lovely fragrant tea to drink sometimes.

The tea has a warning label: if you are pregnant or breast feeding please consult your physician. Also do not use if you are allergic to plants in the daisy family.

One more thing. Do you know why you are still coughing? Most of the time it is because of irritation caused by a cold virus. You could be cold and virus free now, but the irritation that it has caused is still there. As long as the irritation is there you will keep coughing. Unfortunately, the more you cough the more you irritate the sore area and the longer it takes to heal, or in other words - to help the irritation heal you need to stop coughing. This suggestion applies to dry post-cold cough only in healthy individuals.

Get your tea on Amazon (UK - click here) or eBay. It has dozens and hundreds of 5 star reviews. Let me know how it went! (As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)

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