Diary of a slim woman

Hello beautiful lady. Have you ever wondered why some women are always overweight and others are constantly skinny?

I am one of those slim women and no, I am not on a diet, and I do not exercise. So, with this being said, I have decided to take a closer look at this issue to find out what is actually going on. I wanted to know the answers and I wanted to publish them here for you!

Well, believe it or not, it did not take me too long to spot one major difference between me and my overweight girlfriends.This difference is about the amount of food we're consuming.

One interesting fact I discovered is, to my surprise, the overweight ladies had no idea they were eating too much. They were all insisting that ‘although they do not eat THAT much, they just could not manage to lose weight’. Now I know this is not true, because compared to how much I eat, they are eating A LOT.

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This brings us to another amazing discovery – the overweight ladies were shocked at how little I eat. One of them was seriously concerned about the amount of food I consume, and could not believe that a human could live and function properly by eating such a small amount of food.

Well, ladies, for those of you who would like to lose some extra pounds, wouldn't it be great to start eating less AND not be tortured by hunger at the same time?? I think feeling hungry along with denying yourself the sense of comfort that comes with eating is one of the major reasons why so many diets fail.

I don’t think I personally could do something like this to myself. Restricting yourself to the point of feeling constantly hungry, angry, and cranky is pure torture. So, if you were trying to lose weight by dieting (and failing multiple times) I understand how hard and un-motivating it can be.

So, is there any solution besides some special pills and other gimmicks? (I do not recommend pills and other gimmicks and I will explain further why.)

The reason you are eating this much is because during a certain period of time (usually years) your body got trained and accustomed to the consumption of this amount of food. It is a long process and took time for your body to get used to it. Your body is bigger now, and also your stomach is larger than it should be.

This resulted in you ending up in a vicious cycle – you need to eat larger amounts of food to support your bigger body, and since you keep eating larger amounts of food, it keeps your stomach bigger than it should be, in other words if you were to start eating the amounts of food I am currently eating (and feeling full) you would still feel hungry! BASICALLY LADIES, WHAT I AM SAYING HERE IS THAT SLIM WOMEN NEED MUCH LESS FOOD TO FEEL FULL.

You did not become like this overnight. As I have mentioned before, it took years to train your body to consume the amount of food you are currently consuming.

Gaining weight did not happen overnight either, putting on those pounds took time as well. What I mean by this, is that losing those pounds will take time also.

My proposed solution to this issue is to start gradually, and I mean GRADUALLY, eating less. How do you do this?

Outlined below are 4 EASY steps regarding how to train your body to eat less to eventually reduce the size of your stomach to the size of a slim person. All you will need is PATIENCE.

1) First of all, you can eat everything you have been eating so far but just a little bit less. You are NOT going to be on a diet, you will be eating just a little bit less. No matter what you eat, remove 1/10 of the portion size and just eat the rest. You will not even feel hungry, you will not notice anything!

As a result, however, your body will start receiving a little bit less calories than it used to. You may or may not lose weight at this time, but the focus is not on the pounds, the focus is on training your stomach to process slightly smaller amounts of food. After 3 to 6 months make a slight cut again. And then again and again.

I think just by following the above advice should help you to achieve your goal eventually. Being disciplined about it and a gradual reduction of portion sizes should do the trick. But hold on ladies, I have more interesting ideas to share!

2) Whatever you eat, try to eat slower. The sense of fullness always legs behind, so eating slower will help you to achieve two things 1) eating slower will make you eat less because 2) you will start feeling fuller with a smaller than usual amount of food consumed.

I never eat fast, what‘s the point of rushing?? Eating fast is like being a wild animal in a forest, chewing in a hurry on his killed pray, hoping no other wild creature will snatch it away. Don’t eat fast ladies, your meal is all yours, and no one is going to steal it from you.

3) Feeling awfully full after eating your meal is a big no-no. It is a sign that you over-ate! Keep eating your meal until YOU DO NOT FEEL HUNGRY ANYMORE. The minute it happens you need to stop eating. YOU CAN DO IT! By the way, as a slim woman I do it all the time - I never over-eat.

4) Eat only when you feel hungry. This is very important. This is the reason my overweight girlfriends constantly put on weight. Eating when your body is not asking for it is a disaster waiting to happen. As a slim woman I NEVER eat when I am NOT hungry. I have so many other things to be busy with, why should I waste my time putting more food into my body if it is not asking for it in the first place? I personally think that shoving more food into my body against its will is nothing but abuse.

These are very basic, natural, cost free methods to achieve that slim lady that is hiding inside of you. And we all were born to be of normal weight, we all were born with about the same stomach size. It is our eating habits that made us the way we are right now.

Now, why I am against all the ‘slimming’ pills? Because those are heavy duty methods that teach you nothing in terms of eating habits or life style. The pills may make you lose weight in 2 weeks, but the underlying problems will still remain unaddressed.

The minute you get off the pills, the weight will come back again. The same goes about heavy duty diets – it is too drastic, too much of a change for your body to adjust to, and it is just way too stressful. No wonder many people give up. They give up because they are doing it wrong!

Again, gaining those pounds took time and therefore, losing those pounds will take time also. If you keep following the very basic 4 principles outlined above, your body will go through a gradual, stress free adjustment, and eventually you may discover that the portion size that made you feel hungry back then is making you full and satisfied today!

P.S. I could have posted what I eat for breakfast - lunch - dinner but then decided not to. If you have been eating twice more than me, then there is no way you could start eating the way I do today and hoping to become a slim woman tomorrow. You will fail because your body is not accustomed to it, and I do not want you to starve yourself by drastically cutting on calories. Let us love our bodies, not torture them.

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