Love and Astrology

Love and Astrology

Would you like to know what your Taurus man is thinking? And if you have broken up with your Scorpio man – would you like to get him back?

INTERESTING FACT: The wife of Ronald Reagan was relying on astrology to guide her husband to success. The name of her astrologer was Joan Quigley.

Now, this one is going to be interesting! What do you think of astrology?

During my early days of dating I thought that astrology was created just for the sake of entertainment. I used to roll my eyes here and there and gave my girlfriends a hard time. They thought I was ‘not getting it’ meanwhile all I thought it was them who were ‘not getting it’.

Anyway, fast forward many years ahead and here I am – a completely different person. What made me change my mind? Actually – only two things. See if you agree with my reasoning:

1) Although astrology is not the type of a subject students study in colleges, it does not mean we should disregard it completely. Have you heard of telepathy before? How about psychics helping with murder investigations? And last but not least – how about a well known sense called ‘intuition’? Because scientists never figured out how to explain these things, it does not mean they do not exist. I believe, we can apply the same logic to astrology. Do you agree with me on this one?

2) My years of observations revealed that there IS a connection between personality type AND its astrological sign. It sounds weird, I know, but I am talking about my own experiences, experiences of my friends and girlfriends… in other words – there IS something there! I do not know what it is and how to explain it, but like in the instances above (intuition or telepathy) we just have to agree that such a thing exists. Science or no science.

With this being said, I have decided to add a playful twist to my website and add this interesting subject to the list of my articles on the principle – WHY NOT?

Seriously, why not?? Why not to take a different angle and provide with additional help for those who need it?

My research brought me to the relationship astrologer - Anna Kovach (pen name). She has a degree in psychology and is an expert astrologer. Her unique in depth step-by-step guides is something that I would be very proud to recommend to my valuable readers. What amazes me the most is her deep knowledge and insight on the subject. Her talent truly deserves recognition (trying not to go too overboard here).

Below is the list (by an astrological sign) of the products she created. Her products are sold around the world! She also offers free bonuses and personal compatibility reading. And if it is not enough – she gives a 100% satisfaction guarantee and provides you with a whooping 60 day money back guarantee policy.

These comprehensive eBooks (programs) are for women who are in love with their (Taurus, Gemini, etc.) man or are already dating one. Each program describes unique personality traits and provides insightful advice on every aspect of a dating relationship. It addresses many concerns, clears confusion, and in case you are broken up - gives advice on how to get him back! These programs contain so much information, it would be just too much to list it all here, in one single article.


Aquarius Man

Discover how to tell if an Aquarius man likes you, what to do when he pulls away or does not seem interested. Learn what has been missing in your connection all this time, how he expresses his needs and desires, and how to speak 'his language'. Recognize his (weird) attempts to be romantic, improve your compatibility and make him feel like you are a perfect match. To discover more - please click here!

Taurus Man

Does your Taurus man seems like a brick wall to you? Discover how to read him and speak his language. And by the way, did you know that the main reason Taurus men break up because of not feeling understood? Learn how to attract him by pushing right buttons and why not being perfectly compatible will actually work in your favor. To discover more please click here.

Gemini Man

Discover 3 common mistakes women make to push a Gemini man away. Find out the real reason why he frequently changes his mind about commitment, get a long list of his personality traits and use it to your advantage. You can also use this list as your 'cheat sheet' to solve your various relationship problems. Click here to learn more!

Virgo Man

This sign is one of the most complicated signs. Use this step-by-step road map to ‘decode’ his mind. Learn who should approach whom first, how to destroy his ‘commitment phobia’, discover dark corners of his personality, and what to do to attract him like a magnet. You will also receive free bonuses (programs) that are full of practical ideas.To learn more - click here!

Scorpio Man

Get acquainted with the full psychological and astrological profile of your Scorpio man. Discover what turns him on or pushes him away, and what kind of a woman he considers as ‘relationship material’. Learn why you should stop worrying what his text messages mean, and how to become a desirable woman of his fantasies. To discover more - click here!

At this time, there are only 5 signs available. I contacted Anna about the rest and she said that by the end of this year ~ 2017 ~ the missing ones will be available as well. For those of you whose sign is missing I came up with a great alternative - Love Compatibility Reading - by Anna Kovach. Does your relationship with him have a future? Are you wasting your time? Are you meant for each other? Get the reading done and obtain a road map to his heart. Pierce through his shield and see who he really is! The Love Compatibility Reading comes with 3 free bonuses including free follow up consultation (in case you have a question or two). Love Compatibility Reading – click here!

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