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Giving to an UN-interested man will NOT make him interested

To better understand and to finally make it to sink in, let’s reverse the tables and see how it feels like on the receiving end. Think of the time when someone you were not interested in was chasing after you. Of course they were a great person, no doubt about it, it’s just that you had no feelings for them. Think of all the circus tricks they were resorting to and extravagant... Read More

Are you a sensitive person?

‘I am a very sensitive person and it affects my personal life. I think that those who are less sensitive have it much easier. How can I be less sensitive? Is it even possible?’ – Angela, KY... Read More

He keeps hurting me!

I believe that most people are good people, and even if we do get hurt on occasion we want to believe that it was unintentional on their part. We judge actions of other people... Coming Soon!

What to do when he becomes distant

Whether he is your new boyfriend or is someone you have known for months, there is one issue that is almost guaranteed to happen in your relationship – his distancing from you. I know... Read More