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When he says he doesn’t want a relationship, but won’t leave you alone

Are you in a situation with a man, who has explicitly stated that he doesn’t want a relationship, but at the same time keeps calling, talking, seeing, and sleeping WITH YOU? And now, because of his saying one thing but doing the other, you’re wondering whether you are missing something or are unable to see what you are supposed to see: ‘If he says he does not want a relationship... Read More

Did you just snoop through his phone?

Of course he made you do it! No human does anything out of the blue, there have to be some motives and reasons involved. Besides, it is very very hard NOT to snoop when it feels like... Read More

20 Signs he is not serious

It is amazing how creative we become when we want someone who… does not want us on the same level. We create an amazing amount of excuses FOR THEM at the expense of... Read More

When he says he has a stalker

It usually happens in the very early stages of a dating relationship - somehow down the line, he may casually mention that he has a stalker. He may even be bold enough to admit... Read More

Attraction killers for men

Do you ladies agree that anonymous polling is the best way to get to the bottom of the TRUTH? That’s what I am thinking too AND that is why I came up with an idea of conducting an anonymous poll to find out why men lose attraction to particular women. Well, I am done with my research and anonymous polling and ready to present the results! The good news is that 99% of... Read More

Rebound relationships: don’t let them use you as a spare airport to land

I was on my way to Philadelphia when we had to make an emergency landing. We landed in a middle of nowhere (well, sort of), and although I was not that super excited about the whole thing, I was eternally grateful for having found that spare airport to land. That spare airport… The place I would have never booked my flight to and yet, at that particular moment , it was a blessing... Read More

Be the one for YOU! (This page is done in PC friendly parallax format, it is not suitable for mobile users)

Sometimes, when we want something bad, are afraid of losing it, or are worried that our one single wrong move may destroy our chances, we may FORGET what it's like to love ourselves in the process. The minute we stop loving ourselves is usually the moment when that someone or something starts taking priority over us and our own needs. As a result, we become second... Read More

If they are still hung up on their ex

Has it ever happened to you: you meet someone new, date them for a while, build expectations in the process, sleep with them and get attached only to discover later that they are still hung up on their ex? Perhaps they have even even mentioned about their ex a couple of times and how it all ended… Except that you know now that it didn’t. Now you have this dilemma of being... Read More

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