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Cheating husbands

The subject of cheating husbands is really not that complicated to talk about. It is if we know what we know! Cheating husbands usually fit into one of two categories 1) he feels bored and just needs some excitement on the side 2) he has an unmet need, and this need is usually craving for more sex than he is currently getting at home, or maybe not even getting it at all!... Read More

On again - off again relationships

Part - time relationships are just that - receiving 50% or less of everything you would have usually received from a full-time, normal relationship. And please remember ladies, part-time... Read More

When he hurts your feelings

You know how it goes, ladies. Everything seems to be going fine and you feel good about your relationship until he does something that makes you a bit uneasy. It happens in a very... Read More

Nice guys

There is one very good and fundamental truth about nice guys - NICE GUYS MAKE GREAT BOYFRIENDS AND HUSBANDS! If you are currently not into nice guys and think they are just... Read More

Stop being taken for granted!

Does it feel sometimes like he is just looking through you instead of looking at you? Does he just hear you talk instead of listening? Also, when was the last time he invited you to a nice restaurant to have a romantic dinner, gave you flowers for no reason, complimented on your lovely looks, or even tried to look great himself for you? When was the last time he made an effort... Read More

Is a friends with benefits (FWB) relationship right for you?

I think, that your personal love life, and what you do with it is nobody's business. You are also free to make your own choices. and make your own decisions as long as you feel like it is going to work out for you. There are times however when you feel like you need wise input to make that right choice. That’s when you turn to friends, online forums, books, and various blogs... Read More

Feeling insecure in a good relationship

Feeling insecure in a good relationship is something that every woman has experienced before. You could be totally happy in your relationship and still have these periodically appearing toxic insecurities. How do you cope with them? When your man gives you attention you feel loved, happy, and secure. When he gets busy with something and ignores you for a while (even if it is just... Read More

Are you stuck with Mr. Unavailable? It's time to call it quits!

Are you in an unsatisfying relationship with Mr. Unavailable thinking that if you keep trying hard enough (or staying longer) the man and the relationship will change? Are you in a relationship where he expects you to act like a girlfriend and meanwhile is acting nothing like a boyfriend himself? Are you one of those women in a relationship who feels constantly unhappy... Read More

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