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When he is married... to his job

Ladies, the minute you find out that he is married to his job, you will immediately need to realize 2 things 1) you are his 'OTHER WOMAN' (to his job) 2) it will NEVER change. Are you involved with a workaholic, are totally sick and tired of it wondering what to do? After all, there are plenty of relationships out there with this kind of arrangement. How do they manage to make it... Read More

Are you his mommy?

Here is the scary news - you could be his mom without being aware of it! What is wrong about being his mom anyway - you ask? Here is the wake up call, ladies, becoming his mom leads to... Read More

Cheating in relationships

So, he cheated on you... The moment you found out, you felt like a rug was pulled out from under your feet. It felt like you were hit by a dozen lightning strikes directly into your heart... Read More

Always busy men

Some men enter relationships as if they were entering a coffee shop. It usually goes like this - he enters a coffee shop, enjoys a cup of coffee or tea, reads a newspaper, chit-chats with... Read More

When you are the other woman

So, if you were the other woman would you rather know it? You see, some women out there have no idea they are the other woman. These con artists men are capable of unimaginable tricks to play two women at the same time. Whether you are aware of your status or not, one thing is clear – this is an unhappy situation to be in. For YOU. Some weak, immature, and selfish men... Read More

Why FWB does not always turn into a boyfriend - girlfriend relationship

Not every FWB relationship turns into a boyfriend - girlfriend relationship. Would you like to know why? It may not be pleasant ladies, but it's still the truth. Perhaps learning the truth will finally make you realize where you stand with your man and especially WHY he does not want to upgrade you to a status of a girlfriend. You see, every man knows that women are after boyfriend... Read More

Are you his booty call?

Are you his just a booty call woman or is there something more to this? A booty call is a woman who provides free intimate services to a particular man. Her cell phone number is a free ‘hot-line' number for him to call in case he wants to get 'some'. There is no dating or relationship involved. Think about this unfair and hurtful (for YOU) arrangement for a moment: he gets... Read More

Expectations in relationships

When it comes to relationships, expectations, and disappointments here is the formula that explains everything: Expectations = Disappointments. Or let's look at it differently: No Expectations = No Disappointments. Did you like what you just saw? Imagine being in a relationship which brings little to no disappointments. This is completely possible if you make a conscious decision... Read More

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